Evander Kane’s Wife Launches Go Fund Me To Raise Money for Legal Fees to Get Her Daughter Back

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Evander Kane’s estranged wife Anna Kane has launched a Go Fund Me campaign in the wake of losing custody of her daughter to the former NHL San Jose Sharks player. She is hoping to raise $10,000 so she can use the money to hire lawyers to get custody of her daughter back. The heartbreaking and very public feud between the two has gotten extremely ugly over the past few months as they mud-sling in the media. Meanwhile, the pair have a beautiful baby daughter together.

Anna lost custody of her 1-year-old daughter Kensington on Wednesday pending her undergoing a psychiatric examination and will only be allowed supervised visits in the meantime, according to Evander Kane’s attorneys. Anna claims Kane is manufacturing lies about her and has succeeded in convincing a court she has mental health issues when she does not. On the same day as the alleged emergency court proceeding, Anna posted a video online of Kane pointing a gun at her.

Kane’s attorney claimed it was part of a professional photo shoot but Anna said they did not do any photo shoot involving guns. The posted video violated a gag order preventing Anna from posting certain things online concerning Evander.

Anna said she was 100 percent not involved in any photo shoots with a gun and Evander would point it at her all the time and she has more videos of him doing the same thing. She claims Evander is the one with mental health issues, not her but he is using his money and fame to vilify her in the media and now take custody of their child away from her. In the past, Anna Kane has detailed her alleged experiences that she says includes years of Evander abusing her. Evander has denied the allegations in the media through his attorneys.

Now, Anna is devastated over the loss of her baby daughter and took to social media to plead for the public’s help so she can hire quality attorneys to try to get her daughter back.

The Go Fund Me link is here: https://gofund.me/3b09d6b4 and below and has raised over $2,000 so far.

Here is what Anna wrote:

Hi my name is Anna Kane. I was married to Evander for almost three years  He has hired high powered attorneys, who know how to work the legal system, and family court. I have used all of my savings on lawyers up to this point ( 5 months on) as well as trying to keep a roof over our heads, and feed my daughter with zero support at all from my ex. I have never asked for help like this in my life and it’s embarrassing to have to get to this point , however I think the better representation I can have , the better chance I have at exonerating myself in court. I have never been diagnosed with any mental issues. I’ve been in therapy for dealing with the loss of my first child and I appreciate how much it can help. I know that I am mentally stable, and this is what happens when you decide to fight back. They try to say you are crazy when you are not. I do not know how to work the legal system the way my ex husband does. I love my daughter Kensington, she is my heart and I am completely empty and shattered with out her, I can’t comprehend how someone I was married too can be so heartless and evil to me. Especially after I spent 3 days at Stanford in labor, buried my daughter , had multiple miscarriages and he witnessed all this and is trying to take my daughter Away from me. In California, if he has sole custody he doesn’t need to pay me child support. So you can make your own conclusions as to why he wants her around.  I know a lot of people are going through financial hardship right now especially after COVID, I will use this money solely to help me with my lawyers and to pay for what I need too, with my custody case. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. thank you

Anna Kane Legal Fees Go Fund Me: https://gofund.me/3b09d6b4