League of Justice launched in the summer of 2021 as the first ever breaking news sports law site that focuses in the niche area of sports law and true crime stories. Our mission is to serve sports fans and bring the law down to earth, making it accessible and educating fans on what legal news means, in simple terms, in relation to their favorite teams and players.

League of Justice is a site where you can come to find news stories, opinion, analysis and explainers that matter to sports fans, teams and players. League of Justice is “Where Law Impacts The Game.” We cover a variety of sports including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, MMA, wrestling and more.  The goal is to cover the biggest stories in sports with a legal angle from a sports fan perspective and make it entertaining and engaging.

League of Justice has a history of breaking original news on the biggest sports law stories, advancing stories and having its headlines organically distributed by the top major sports publications. LOJ is also the first publication to launch a unique category of coverage called DEFENSE, which focuses on giving accused athletes and sports figures a place to come to give their side of the story to help balance news coverage. LOJ is committed to social justice coverage and is the first sports vertical to create a separate category of coverage for social justice sports news.

Our Founder Amy Dash is the creator of sports law entertainment and analysis, having launched a steady presence of sports law coverage on CBS Sports Radio and WFAN dating back to 2013. Dash’s original analysis has since been featured thousands of times on sports law shows across digital media, broadcast radio and television and virtually every major sports and news network.  Her articles and appearances have been referenced in numerous Law Review articles across top universities. Dash is presently the official sports law Insider for Audacy and its affiliates nationwide, as well as the legal analyst for CBS Sports Radio and Fox Sports Radio. She is also a regular contributor to I Am Athlete Tonight and OutKick 360. Dash was the first television legal correspondent for mixed martial arts. She is a former professor, a two-time Emmy award winning national correspondent and devoted mom and wife.

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