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NHL: Player Headshots 2021
January 10, 2022
The San Jose Sharks decided to terminate Evander Kane’s contract after he faced accusations of gambling on games, purposely losing […]
NHL: Arizona Coyotes at San Jose Sharks
January 9, 2022
The Sharks announced that the team has placed forward Evander Kane on unconditional waivers with the purpose of terminating his […]
NHL: Arizona Coyotes at San Jose Sharks
December 3, 2021
Anna Kane, the estranged wife of former NHL Sharks player Evander Kane is asking for the public’s help so she can hire attorneys to get custody of her daughter back.
NHL: Player Headshots 2021
December 2, 2021
A video of Evander Kane pointing a gun at his estranged wife has surfaced. He claims it is being taken out of context.
NHL: Arizona Coyotes at San Jose Sharks
November 26, 2021
As the NHL season is a quarter of the way finished, San Jose Sharks’ Evander Kane’s status with the Sharks […]
NHL: Arizona Coyotes at San Jose Sharks
November 23, 2021
“Evander Kane‘s divorce case has just taken another nasty turn … the NHL player is now claiming his ex faked […]
Evander Kane
October 18, 2021
The National Hockey League announced today that San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane has been suspended for 21 regular-season games, without pay, […]
Evander Kane
October 7, 2021
San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane is being investigated by the NHL over allegations that he submitted a fake COVID-19 […]
September 9, 2021
In July, the NHL swiftly launched an investigation into allegations that San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane was betting on his own games. The […]
Evander Kane
August 16, 2021
More on NHL’s Investigation into Whether Kane Bet on His Own Games Here.