Still Wanted By Police, Antonio Brown Takes To Social Media To Promote His Music With World Cup Clip & Is Heckled About Arrest Warrant

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Antonio Brown is a wanted man by the Tampa Police Department but that apparently has not stopped the former Buccaneer from promoting his music. Saturday Brown shared social media posts featuring one of his music singles as local police reportedly continue efforts to arrest him on an outstanding warrant.

Saturday evening police said there was still no update on attempts to arrest former NFL player Antonio Brown following an alleged domestic dispute that resulted in an arrest warrant. Friday police were outside of Brown’s home and attempted to get him to turn himself in using a megaphone because they said he refused to come outside or open the door. Those attempts were unsuccessful.

Police emphasized that officer safety is paramount and said Friday that they would not try to storm the house to arrest Brown on a misdemeanor charge. Reports indicate that police were told by Brown’s ex that he allegedly has at least two firearms in the house.

The domestic dispute between Brown and his ex allegedly happened on November 28th, when police claim that Brown threw a shoe at his ex’s ponytail and kicked her out of his house. The ex, who is reportedly the mother of some of Brown’s children, claimed that Brown allegedly threatened to shoot her if she tried to reenter the house and served her with an informal notice of eviction by tacking a piece of paper outside his door. The former couple’s children were allegedly present but reportedly chose not to go back into the house with Brown.

Police obtained an arrest warrant and charged Brown with misdemeanor battery for the alleged ponytail incident, however, a spokesperson said that police have been unable to apprehend him after multiple attempts. A Tampa Police Department spokesperson said police will continue efforts to resolve the matter “peacefully.”

As of Saturday evening Brown was still a wanted man, however, he broke his silence on social media by posting a clip from the World Cup came game between the Netherlands and the U.S.

The clip shows Dutch footballer Memphis Depay celebrating after the Netherlands scored its first goal against the United States and has Brown’s music single “Put that shit on,” playing in the background of the clip. It is unclear if Brown was watching the game and posted the clip himself or if he was just sharing someone else’s clip. The same clip appears on Brown’s Instagram stories and looks like it was recorded by someone else. On his stories, Brown also shared other people’s clips from the World Cup game who had also overlaid his music single onto the videos. Brown released his first album in 2022 and the song quickly garnered attention on social media as Brown’s fans began creating videos with dance moves to his beat, which he commonly shared.

In Saturday’s Instagram post, Brown hash tagged the name of the song, under the clip as well as the hash tags #nodaysoff #doyodanceab.

The post quickly received over 300,000 likes from Brown’s more than 11 million Instagram followers and generated thousands of comments. The comments frequently referenced Brown’s outstanding arrest warrant as many questioned why he was not in handcuffs yet. Many comments also attempted to poke fun at his alleged fugitive status. Others questioned if Brown was rooting against the United States soccer team.

It is still not clear whether Brown was in his home watching the World Cup when he posted the clips or whether he was just sharing other social media user posts that featured his song. It is unclear if he was watching the soccer match today at all or whether he has left his home and is on the run. It is however possible that he has remained holed up in his house since the alleged standoff with police on Friday morning.

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