Tampa Police Issue Arrest Warrant For Antonio Brown For Alleged Battery

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UPDATE: The warrant on Antonio Brown was issued for a battery charge stemming from an alleged domestic violence incident between him and the mother of some of his children. According to police, a verbal argument reportedly turned physical after Brown allegedly threw a shoe at the woman, who he later allegedly locked out of the residence. Brown is also accused of throwing her possessions out onto the street and attempting to evict her. The victim told officers that Brown had two firearms in his home. Police also said the alleged victim said Brown threatened to shoot her if she tried to reenter the residence. Tampa Police allegedly attempted to get Brown to surrender once an arrest warrant was issued but ABC’s local affiliate in Tampa reports that Brown refused to come outside even after police reportedly attempted to communicate with him through a megaphone. As of Thursday evening, police told League of Justice that multiple attempts have been made to arrest Brown and it is still an “active investigation,” and Brown is a “wanted man.”

Tampa Police reportedly issued an arrest warrant for free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown on Thursday. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office stated that the warrant stems from an alleged misdemeanor battery charge against Brown.

A police report explained the series of events leading up to the arrest warrant which involved a verbal altercation with Brown’s ex, that allegedly turned physical when he tried to “evict” her from the residence.

“The suspect (Brown) exited the residence and threw a shoe at the victim striking her in the ponytail. The victim had no injuries but believed the shoe was meant for her head. The suspect would not open the door or come outside to speak with officers. The suspect also during this incident attempted to issue an informal eviction to the victim.”

The report went on to say that Brown allegedly “placed an informal eviction notice on the door … with 11/28/2022 at the date showing the victim has 7 days to gather her belongings and leave. The suspect continued throughout the incident to state that the victim had no right to be at that residence or to even gain entry to it because she did not live there. The victim’s ID has the listed address as her residence as of 10/18/2022.”

Brown’s ex, who is also reportedly a mother to some of his children, told police that Brown allegedly had guns in the house and threatened to shoot her if she tried to reenter the house. Police later obtained an arrest warrant for an alleged misdemeanor battery and on Thursday spent at least an hour trying to get him to come out of the house. Tampa’s ABC Affiliate “Action News” says that Brown would not come out of the house when police attempted to get him to surrender using a megaphone.

At this time, the warrant remains active as Brown has yet to be found and taken into custody despite multiple attempts by police.

Officials say that prior to the issuance of the warrant, the Tampa Police Department requested a temporary risk protection order in Hillsborough County, seeking to take away Brown’s firearms.

According to Action News in Tampa, Police alleged in the protection order request that Brown “poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to him or herself or others in the near future and beyond by having a firearm or any ammunition in their custody or control or by purchasing, possessing, or receiving a firearm or any ammunition.”

Police also said in the protection order request that Brown had access to two guns, including one handgun. In an affidavit attached to the risk protection order request, officials claimed that Brown met the requirements for a court to restrict his access to firearms. The affidavit claimed, in part, that he was either “involved in a recent act or threat of violence against themselves or other others,” and/or “may be seriously mentally ill or may have recurring mental health issues” and/or “has used or threatened to use, against themselves or others, any weapons; and has been arrested for, convicted or, had adjudication withheld, or pled nolo contendere to a crime involving violence or a threat of violence in Florida or in any other state.” Brown has a history of arrests.

Court documents show that the judge denied the request. If accepted, the order would have given local law enforcement the right to restrict access to firearms for up to one calendar year should a judge consider Brown to be in “significant danger of harming himself/herself or others by possessing a firearm.”

Back in 2020, Hollywood, Florida police were called to Brown’s home when Brown had another domestic dispute with a woman, though it is unclear if it is the same woman involved in Thursday’s incident. During the 2020 incident, which Brown live streamed on Instagram, he held a bag of penis-shaped candy and said: ‘D***s for d***s’ then tossed the candies at police.

At the time, he also claimed the woman was evicted from his home but had allowed her to come to the property to take the kids to school before claiming she was trespassing.
This latest news on Brown comes on the heels of the receiver being court ordered to pay $1.2 million to a moving truck driver as the result of an assault case that allegedly took place in 2020. Brown must pay the money to Anton Tumanov who claimed that Brown assaulted him in February 2020 when he was attempting to make a delivery to Brown’s home in Florida. Tumanov filed a lawsuit against Brown later in May and reportedly went to the police to file a police report after the incident.

Brown later faced three criminal charges. The jury verdict of $1.2 million reportedly includes $407,000 for Tumanov’s past and future medical expenses, and $793,000 for past and future pain and suffering.

Brown has also been accused of sexual assault but reportedly settled with his accuser for an undisclosed amount.

Brown has not played in the NFL since January 2nd, after he took his shirt off and stormed off the field, abandoning his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates during a game against the New York Jets. His bizarre exit was spurred on by an argument with the head coach, Bruce Arians in the third quarter. Brown later accused the team of injecting him with painkillers, pressuring him to play injured and trying to paint him as someone who needed mental health treatment.

He has made headlines recently for remaining as President of Donda Sports, which is owned by Kanye West. The two have been spotted together and Brown has reportedly remained loyal to West’s agency despite the controversy surrounding West’s reported antisemitic remarks.

Brown recently took aim, on social media, at his former teammate Tom Brady and his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen amid news of the couple’s divorce and even posted an old picture of himself with Brady’s ex.

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