Social Media Outpouring For New England Patriots Fan After Female Raiders Fan Aggressively Taunts Him

NFL: New England Patriots at Las Vegas Raiders
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A shocking video has surfaced on social media of a female Raiders fan who looks totally bonkers as she aggressively yells at a very calm Patriots fan supporting his team during Sunday’s loss at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

It is unclear if the woman is intoxicated as she screams at the man and his friend, and has to be held back by a man who appears to be her significant other. The man grabs and restrains her as she struggles to get out of his grip and viciously slams her head up and down, clenching her fists and screaming into the Pats fans’ faces. She continues waving her arms and gritting her teeth in an aggressive display of unbridled fandom.

The female fan and her love interest then share a strong smooch and a high five as she frees herself from his arms and gets back into the poor Pats fans’ faces, flailing her arms and pointing her fingers just inches from their heads. The stadium is going wild as the Raiders win by six in a stunning loss for New England.

The man, who remained calm throughout the entire uncomfortable episode is now being hailed on Twitter as a hero after coming forward and identifying himself.

Jerry Edmond says it was his first NFL game ever and “I didn’t want to ruin my exprience by retaliating towards that woman so I kept my cool.”

Edmond continued, “I’d like to thank everyone for all the kind words.”

The tweet which has been shared more than three thousand times, has Patriots fans calling on the team to bring Edmond out to a game at Foxborough in New England to cheer for his beloved team. The backlash against the out-of-control Raiders fan is intense as well. Even Raiders President Sandra Douglass Morgan apologized to Edmond on Twitter and promised to be in touch with him to make things right.

Edmond spoke exclusively with League of Justice, sharing a voicemail Robert Kraft sent him, inviting him to a Patriots game Saturday at Gillette. His interview is below:

Bob Kraft commended Edmond for his grace under pressure, saying he made Patriots fans proud. Hear his voicemail below:

The game led to one of the wildest endings ever. With the game tied at 24, Patriots running back Rhamondre Stevenson surprised many when he made an unconventional move. After he found a hole in the Raiders secondary, he chose not to get tackled to bring the game into overtime and went for a bigger play. Stevenson maneuvered the ball to wide receiver Jakobi Meyers who then tried to throw it back to Quarterback Mac Jones but Raiders pass rusher Chandler Jones intercepted it and scored a game-winning touchdown just as the clock ran out.

“The play call was just a draw play — nothing more, nothing less than that,” Stevenson said. “I’m supposed to know the situation. I’m supposed to know how much time is on the clock in critical situations and I failed to do that today.”

Meyers said he was trying to save the day with a heroic play but failed.

“That ain’t his fault. He gave me the ball, I got to be smart with it,” Meyers said. “I thought I saw Mac open. I didn’t see Chandler Jones at the time. Just thought he was open, tried to get it to him, then let him try to make a play with it. But the score was tied, so like I said, I should have just laid down.”

Watch our EXCLUSIVE interview with Jerry and hear Bob Kraft’s voicemail to him, HERE