Exclusive: Patriots Fan Speaks Out After Brutal Taunting By Raiders Fan + Bob Kraft Invites Him To Gillette

Jerry Edmond flew all the way to Las Vegas to enjoy and attend his very first NFL game. He was excited to watch the New England Patriots take on the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday. When he arrived in his Patriots jersey he told LOJ that he knew he may catch some flack from Raiders fans but says it was all fun and games until a wild acting female Raiders fan got into his face.

HEAR Patriots Owner Robert Kraft’s Voicemail to Jerry

The aggressive fan began taunting Edmond, screaming and flailing her arms just inches from his face. Even when her husband tried to restrain her, she broke free only to scream and curse at Edmond that much more, he says. The Raiders pulled out a crushing win at the end of the game when the team turned an interception into a game-winning touchdown with just seconds on the clock. The victory sent the aggressive Raiders fan and her husband into even more of a tailspin as they violently shook their heads and flailed their arms, smooching, smacking high-fives and then screaming more at Edmond.

Miraculously, throughout the entire incident, Edmond kept his cool and stayed calm. Little did he know, another fan was filming the couple. When the video went viral on social media, it was retweeted thousands of times and Edmond received an outpouring of love. Patriots fans began demanding the team fly Edmond to New England to see the team play at home. Even Raiders President Sandra Douglass Morgan thanked Edmond for his grace.

“On behalf of the Raiders, we appreciate the way you conducted yourself. No fan should have to endure that type of behavior. We will be in touch,” Morgan wrote.

On social media platforms across the digital universe thousands of football fans began proclaiming themselves Jerry Edmond fans. Most expressed awe at his ability to stay calm in a circumstance that many fans said would have driven them over the edge, especially with such a shocking loss for his team.

Patriots fans and Raiders fans alike decried the woman’s behavior with many calling for her to be banned from the stadium. Other fans who have NFL season tickets, offered free seats to Edmond.

Edmond says he was in awe at the response but he told LOJ that he never expected to get a surprise call from Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner, commending him for staying cool, calm and collected and making Patriots Nation proud. Edmond, who is in his 20s, said he is looking forward to seeing the team play the Bengals this weekend as Kraft’s special guest. The Patriots say that Edmond will receive a customized jersey and pregame field passes to take in warmups on Saturday. He may even meet some of the players.

Edmond spoke exclusively to League of Justice about the viral video, the whacky Raiders fans and how he kept it together, despite witnessing a crushing loss. Watch the full interview.