Only Fans Model Tells WFAN Radio Hosts That Antonio Brown Allegedly Admitted To Using a Fake Vaccination Card & Said “All the Players Aren’t Vaccinated” Before Making Sex Tape

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Only Fans model and notorious toilet bowl licker Ava Louise joined hit WFAN New York radio show “Carton and Roberts” on Thursday for a raunchy recap of her sexual encounter with Antonio Brown, surprising the hosts when she mentioned that Brown allegedly admitted to her in bed that he submitted a fake vaccination card to the NFL.

Louise joined the show after a sensational story was released by the Daily Mail Thursday detailing her sexy rendezvous with Brown the night before he stormed off the field in the Bucs-Jets game. Brown was cut from the team shortly after.

Louise told the Daily Mail that Brown claimed to her he was going to do something the following day, saying “I can’t wait for you to see what I do tomorrow. I can’t wait for you to see me tomorrow.”

But Louise dropped an even bigger bombshell to WFAN hosts Craig Carton and Evan Roberts when she detailed how Brown allegedly revealed to her in bed that the use of fake vaccination cards may be league-wide.

“He was just like talking to me about his fake vax card and covid,” she said, as she expressed her frustration over having to initiate sex with Brown because he was being so chatty. “He was just like, yea the NFL rules for covid are stupid, like all the players aren’t vaccinated, like you have no idea, none of us care about covid,” she said he told her.

The veracity of Louise’s allegation is not entirely verifiable since Louise has admitted in the past to Dr. Phil that she makes “fake news.” However, the NFL recently suspended Brown for misrepresenting his vaccination status and several news outlets reported that an NFL source allegedly said Brown and teammate Mike Edwards submitted similar false vaccination cards from the same area. The league would not publicly confirm this allegation.

Rumors first surfaced that Brown may have submitted a fake vaccination card when his personal chef made the claim to the Tampa Bay Times. Brown’s chef, who was upset that Brown had reportedly not paid him, claimed Brown’s girlfriend asked him to find a fake vaccination card. Later, NFL reporter Adam Beasley tweeted that rumors were rampant in Florida football circles that Brown had allegedly offered his fake vaccination card hookup to other NFL players, which sparked suspicions of a larger VaxGate scandal in the league. Tampa Bay Bucs coach Bruce Arians later told reporters he hoped the NFL would keep investigating. Brown and his reps have denied that Brown used a fake vaccination card on multiple occasions but chose not to contest the NFL’s suspension.

Using a fake vaccination card can be a federal crime if a government seal is included on the card. It is unclear if the FBI is involved in investigating the league and its players, although one former FBI agent told League of Justice he would be surprised if the NFL was not investigating the use of fake vaccination cards across the league.

Brown had recently returned to the team before the incident during the Bucs- Jets game where Brown ripped off his jersey, flung it into the crowd and exited while flashing the peace sign. In his post-game press conference, Arians told reporters Brown was no longer a Buc.

Louise, who was eager to tell her story, was quick to take credit for Brown’s sideline behavior claiming she drives men crazy, as host Craig Carton joked about her self-proclaimed magical private parts. Louise told the hosts that she texted Brown after his exit asking him why he did it and telling him he looked “sexy” as he grandstanded off the field. Brown allegedly replied to her via text saying “YC baby,” (“you see me baby,”) seemingly bragging about his attention getting departure from the Bucs.

Louise told Carton and Roberts that Brown allegedly offered her $10,000 dollars to stay quiet about the details of their encounter but she claims Brown was the one to record their sex encounter with her phone and encourage her to release it to the public.

Host Craig Carton asked about Louise’s sex tape with Brown, which she is considering releasing on her Only Fans account, urging her to release it on Super Bowl eve. She estimates it could rake in a cool 100k. Meanwhile, Evan Roberts, a diehard sports junkie, laughed as Carton, a well-known shock jock, persisted in extrapolating raunchy details from the boastful Louise. Carton humorously promised to explain Louise’s unabashed sexual references to things like her “head game” to Roberts after the show.

The fame mongering influencer who said she thinks she deserves her own podcast or reality show given how often her stunts make headlines, told the Daily Mail she went public with her texts and videos of her and Brown’s steamy evening because she was concerned for Brown’s mental well-being.

Brown, recently released a lengthy statement accusing the media and the Buccaneers organization of spinning his sideline exit into a “meltdown” story circling around his “mental health” to distract from what really occurred. Brown claims he was merely refusing to play hurt and accused Bucs Coach Bruce Arians of trying to force him to play with an injured ankle and telling him he was “done” if he would not. The former Super Bowl Champ has been releasing text messages to prove the Bucs coach tried to do him dirty on the field and then flip the script. Brown says, despite the spin in the papers, he never left the team but rather was cut by Arians on the sidelines before exiting, claiming Arians made a motion of slitting his throat. He also claims he was pressured into taking dangerous painkillers by the team so he could suit up. The NFLPA is investigating his claims and Arians has denied knowing Brown had an ankle injury.

Meanwhile, Louise, whose story to the Daily Mail seemed to insinuate that Brown may have planned the night before to pull some sort of stunt during the game on the following day, admitted to Carton and Roberts that her only reasons for exposing Brown were publicity and money.

On the show, Louise revealed her recent positive covid diagnosis, saying she thinks she got covid the same day she slept with Brown. Louise, once licked a toilet bowl to try to prove coronavirus was fake, lamenting that the deadly virus was receiving more publicity than her new hit single and she was upset about it. She was recently wrapped up in a scandal with Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy after participating in an article orchestrated by Business Insider accusing Portnoy of rough sex. Louise told BI that the two exchanged messages on social media briefly. Although they never ended up meeting, she felt Portnoy’s behavior was “predatory.” Portnoy later disseminated clips of Louise licking a toilet bowl and speaking to Dr. Phil about how she lies to his millions of followers to discredit her.