Only Fans Model Ava Louise, Quoted in Dave Portnoy “Hit Piece,” Runs to Daily Mail to Detail Her Tryst with Antonio Brown the Night Before He Stormed Off Field, Insinuates He Planned Something.

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Ava Louise, a viral sensation for a stunt where she licked a toilet bowl, has been showing up in the media a lot lately. The Only Fans model, who once claimed in a video that she was “annoyed” the coronavirus was getting more publicity than she was, recently participated in a controversial article labeled a “Hit Piece” by Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy. Louise told Business Insider that Portnoy contacted her when she was 19 and while they never met, she thought his behavior was “predatory.” The Barstool Sports founder played various media clips, including one of Louise on Dr. Phil, admitting she lies and created “fake news,”to discredit her.

Now Louise is in the news again, after sharing her text messages and videos of an alleged steamy tryst with Antonio Brown the night before he was cut by the Bucs. Louise, who spoke to the Daily Mail, a website known for its sensational news pieces, claims that Brown allegedly told her watch “what I do tomorrow” the night before the game.

Louise told the Daily Mail that Brown “smuggled” her into his hotel room despite it being a violation of covid protocols and filmed ” a series of pornographic videos” with her during their romp, according to the site. The 23-year-old says Brown offered for her to stay the night, but she didn’t want to after learning he would have to sneak her out early in the morning, before the Jets game, so that he could meet with Tom Brady.

Brown recently released a lengthy statement from his lawyer responding to the headlines surrounding the events leading up to him storming off the field on Sunday. Brown alleged that he never left his team but that he was cut by Bucs coach Bruce Arians on the sideline before he left. Brown also accused Arians of trying to force him to play on Sunday in a game against the New York Jets, despite allegedly knowing that Brown was suffering from an ankle injury. Arians has claimed he did not know.

Brown, who claims his ankle needs surgery, says he was pressured to suit up and take dangerous painkillers so that he could join the team on the field against the Jets. Brown also claims he has text messages proving Arians knew about his injury and accuses the coach of telling him he was “done” and making a motion of slitting his throat when Brown refused to get on the field due to the ankle pain.

Now, Louise is inserting herself into the picture of this controversial showdown between Brown and Arians and trying to cast doubt on Brown’s version of events. Louise is insinuating that Brown had plans to do something the next day and previewed those plans to her the night before during their sexual encounter. It’s unclear if that something was storming off the field.

The Daily Mail claims Louise said Brown appeared “disturbed before their sex session – leaving her rambling voice messages and going on a rant about Covid” and “bullsh** Covid rules” even saying “F*** the NFL” before sneaking her into his hotel room the night before the game.

Louise told the online site that she had been messaging with Brown since 2018 but this was the first time they had met up. Louise says Brown offered her “a bonus” to “hang out” with him and when they met up he told her he is “insane” and said “you don’t even know my crazy right now. You don’t know my crazy right now.”

The two allegedly made a sex video for Louise’s Only Fans account and before she left she said Brown told her “I can’t wait for you to see what I do tomorrow. I can’t wait for you to see me tomorrow.”

After Brown took off his jersey and left the field of the Jets-Bucs game topless on Sunday, Louise texted him later that day asking “why did you do that?” In the text messages she shared with the Daily Mail, Brown allegedly answers “YC baby?” When she again asked Brown why he did it, he allegedly replies, “you see me baby?,” then stopped responding to her messages.

Louise claims she had “no intention of exposing” Brown but did so because she is “concerned” about Brown’s mental health.

Back in November, Louise was a centerpiece in the viral story involving Business Insider and Dave Portnoy. Louise said she and Portnoy messaged but never met. She told him, “I wanna be famous so bad I’d be so good at it” and Portnoy allegedly responded, “I’m a good start then.”

Louise admitted she “probably would have let Dave Portnoy do whatever the hell he wanted to me” but said she believes he was just “a man in power knowing he could take advantage of a younger girl.”

She says her parents intervened at the time and stopped the meeting. Portnoy took to his platform to defend himself immediately after the story broke, accusing Business Insider and reporter Julia Black of mining for dirt and still running with a story that fell short of accusing him of anything criminal in order to try to take him down. As we detailed in our DEFENSE section article, Portnoy tried to dismantle the allegations of “rough sex” waged against him by two women who spoke to Business Insider by presenting a full defense with exhibits and videos, on his Barstool Sports platform which has millions of followers. With regards to Louise, Portnoy played a clip from an old Dr. Phil. In the Dr. Phil clip, Louise, who licked a toilet bowl on social media to try to prove coronavirus is fake, says the following: 

“So you lied to people?” Dr. Phil asks Louise. 

Louise answers, “Well yea I mean that’s what the media is doing I think with this entire virus. If it’s a social experiment more than anything else, like obviously I wanted to {muffled} off of it and I was really annoyed that corona was getting more publicity than me because I currently have like a song going viral right now and no-one was covering it so I decided to hop on the corona wave but um yea I just did lie to people, yea I did and it did exactly what I thought it was going to do, it’s funny because I created like fake news myself.”

So far, Antonio Brown has not responded publicly to Louise’s claims.