O.J. Simpson Dishes In 1st Interview Since His Release. Talks Prison, Ron & Nicole, Trump, NFL Career & Cries Over Alleged Kris Jenner Betrayal

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In a nearly two-hour long, wide-ranging interview, billed as his first sit-down since he was released from prison, O.J. Simpson gushed about his flings with models, wild Hollywood parties, his athletic victories in prison and his friendship with Donald Trump. The former NFL star also choked up when describing how he felt Kris Jenner betrayed him in a television interview.

The former NFL star, once known for his gregarious personality, exuded his classic “O.J.” charm, frequently smiling and chuckling as he proclaimed his innocence, not only with regards to Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson’s murders but also the infamous robbery conviction that landed him in prison for nine years.

Simpson told popular Nelk Boys YouTube hosts, including Kyle Forgeard and Aaron Steinberg “Steiny,” from the Full Send Podcast that people in Vegas are constantly apologizing to him over the state Judge’s decision to imprison him in the robbery case.

“It was like everybody here, every restaurant, it was like they were all apologizing to me, for what this Judge did to me” Simpson said, as he denied that he did anything wrong, calling himself the “victim.”

“Robbery? It was my stuff,” Simpson said. “And I got it. California ruled it was my stuff and they gave it to me. Some friends, who I thought were friends had somehow stolen or got their hands on and they were tryin’ to sell it.”

Simpson was convicted back in 2008 and sentenced to 33 years in prison after he and several other men tried to retrieve his belongings from memorabilia dealers in a hotel room who were allegedly attempting to sell it. The incident went down inside The Palace Station hotel in Vegas and was recorded on tape by one of Simpson’s acquaintances. Simpson claims he wasn’t armed but a guy who was with him was.

On the recording Simpson is heard saying, “don’t let nobody out this room. Moth** F******! Think you can steal my sh** and sell it?

Simpson was later arrested and charged with twelve counts, including a kidnapping charge for allegedly saying not to let anyone out of the room, and various other armed robbery related charges.

“It was my memorabilia… this was my stuff, my mother’s wedding album, pictures of my kids being born, all kind of stuff,” he said.

Simpson, who claims the guys who tried to sell his stuff were his close friends, indicated he was riding high on emotions that night. He claims he was pissed because he used to do “book reports” with the kids of one of the guys who allegedly stole his stuff and he used to sing to the other guy’s sick mother when she was suffering with cancer.

Simpson was convicted on October 3, 2008 of all twelve charges. Ironically, thirteen years earlier, on the same day (October 3rd, 1995), Simpson was acquitted by a Los Angeles jury of the murders of Ron Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson

“Oh come on, everybody knew what that was about,” Simpson told the hosts, when he was asked whether the 33-year sentence for the robbery was unfair.

While the other men who went into the room with Simpson were given plea deals, Simpson was sentenced to a minimum of nine years without parole and a possible life sentence, had he not been paroled after nine. Many speculated that Simpson’s sentence was the Judge’s way of attempting to punish him for the murders of Ron and Nicole, despite his acquittal.

“I am a firm believer in the legal system,” Simpson said, explaining that he respected the jury’s verdict in the robbery case. “I think you can disagree with it but either you are gonna honor it or you’re not gonna honor it. I was convicted by a jury.”

However, that did not stop Simpson from lamenting that none of the jurors in either his civil or criminal trials in Vegas were black, which admittedly bothered him. Back in 1995, the majority of the jurors that acquitted Simpson in the murder trials were black.

Simpson later complained that many lawyers respected the acquittal of the police officers who beat Rodney King in 1991, but didn’t necessarily respect his acquittal in Ron and Nicole’s murder trials.

“You gotta respect the justice system,” Simpson said. “You’ll hear these lawyers they’ll say some crap…. you’re innocent until proven guilty, that’s the law…so all this crap talk about well he wasn’t found not guilty, he was just found not guilty, come on give me a break.”

The hosts responded by questioning O.J. about the murders, which led to some awkward moments, as they had previously promised O.J’s handlers that the topic would be off-limits as a precondition to him agreeing to the interview.

“Are you upset that the killer of Ron and Nicole was never found?” one host asked.

“Right now I’m not gonna discuss any of that alright?” said O.J., gritting his teeth. “I think that’s a pretty obvious question, but I’m not going there.”

“You don’t think that they are still out there?” the other host pressed.

“I’m not going there” said Simpson, who had earlier claimed that he has never watched any of the television specials made about his trial, including the FX series or O.J. Made in America.

“All it’s gonna do is piss me off so I don’t go there,” he said, claiming that he has let his emotional baggage from the trial go and he’s now a happy guy.

When asked if he wants to get his side of the story out one day, Simpson replied that he already has done that through lawyers. He claims his legal bills have surpassed $3 million dollars.

“Nothing that I do and nothing that anybody does, is gonna change anybody’s mind,” Simpson continued. “It’s a waste of time.”

“Anybody ever ask you who you think did it?” a host asked Simpson at one point.

“Im not gonna talk about this,” Simpson said, leading to an awkward pause before he pointed at the host and said “nice try though,” then burst into laughter.

Simpson said he’s not scared to face Gd when he dies and actually looks forward to it because he knows his weaknesses. He claims his biggest regret is being unfaithful to women. However, he admitted that being able to have sex with beautiful women was too easy for him, claiming he used to go out on the town with Donald Trump, when he was a football star and actor, where he had access to plenty of models.

“I’ve never been the guy that just chased girls. I’ve always kinda had a girlfriend, all my friends called me bait,” said O.J. as he recounted stories of being in remote locations for acting gigs and having flings with models who were just naturally drawn to him.

“We kinda had the same taste in ladies,” Simpson said of his friendship with Trump, before he became President. When pressed about what kinds of ladies they both liked, Simpson said, “models.”

“We found ourselves at a lot of those type of events,” he said.

“That would be a deadly duo,” one of the hosts remarked, describing Trump and Simpson as each other’s wingmen.

“Don’t use that word,” Simpson laughed.

The former 49er said that Trump became divisive once he became President but he did not remember his former friend that way, describing Trump as having a great sense of humor.

When asked about social media rumors that O.J. is Khloe Kardashian’s real father, Simpson denied the claims, saying he was not attracted to her mother, reality star Kris Jenner, who was married to his good friend Robert Kardashian. Robert, who met O.J. while playing tennis, later represented him as part of Simpson’s legal “Dream Team” during his murder trials. Simpson claims Robert once dated Elvis Presley’s ex-wife Priscilla for “about a year,” before meeting Kris Jenner, who was a flight attendant when the two first met. Kris is now the matriarch and business manager of the Kardashian empire, which was built on the family’s reality television show’s success and has spawned into a variety of entertainment, fashion and beauty products.

The Kardashian and Simpson families were once close-knit prior to Nicole’s murder, and used to vacation together. Even after Kris and Robert divorced, Simpson described staying close friends with Kris and always liking her. The football legend claims Kris began begging him to play golf with her subsequent husband, Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner, after she split from Robert. Bruce Jenner, who now goes by the name Caitlyn, after transitioning into a woman, was a “different” kind of “egg,” said O.J., who described Bruce as “boring” back then.

At one point, “The Juice” claimed the families were in Palm Springs and Kris once again allegedly asked him to play golf with Bruce, promising to watch his kids while the two played a round. He agreed. However, years later, he claims Kris did a TV interview, while he was fighting for custody of his children and explained that he just left his kids when they were in Palm Springs, allegedly using it as a disparaging example of the type of father he is.

Simpson, who claims it wasn’t true, choked up and was on the verge of tears as he described Kris’ interview and the disappointment he says he felt over the alleged lie.

To this day, Simpson says he loves the Kardashian girls (Khloe, Kim and Kourtney). “Bob raised them as good Christian girls,” Simpson said, claiming they were like “family” and “sweet, terrific girls.”

Simpson, who is now known for broadcasting his opinions on fantasy football, pop culture and politics on Twitter, was happy to discuss his views on everyone from Kanye to Herschel Walker‘s political run.

“It scares me to see some of the people who are in politics now, people who are totally not qualified to be in politics,” said Simpson.

Throughout the interview, Simpson lamented about Walker running, saying he thinks Trump made him do it.

Simpson, who claims he has asked Elon Musk to finally give him a blue check mark, said if there is one thing he could change in America it would be the public’s disrespect for politicians who are elected.

“You can disagree without being disagreeable,” said Simpson, attempting to quote former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, after asking the hosts to remind him of her name.

According to Simpson, once someone is elected to the Presidency or another political office, the public should respect the person and the office and not be calling that person “a butthole.”

The former football star turned ex-con also spilled some lesser known secrets, describing cocaine-fueled Hollywood parties he used to attend when he was living in California. Simpson, who admitted his own use back then, said drugs were rampant in Hollywood at the peak of his popularity. When pressed about which stars attended those parties, Simpson would only name drop Comedian Red Foxx, who was widely known for his love of the drug.

The interview spanned Simpson’s early years, his dreams of becoming a major league baseball star like his hero Willie Mays and his cousin Ernie Banks and his eventual football career.

Simpson griped about the fact that he wasn’t able to be “The Juice” that everyone knew and loved when he landed with the San Francisco 49ers because of his knee surgery. While he still roots for the 49ers, Simpson said he is a major Buffalo Bills fan and that Bills fans are “the best there is,” despite his intense desire to be traded when he was on the team. At the time, Simpson claims he was told he could get traded to the Rams, where he felt he would’ve had a better shot at a Super Bowl, but the trade never happened and neither did his Super Bowl aspirations.

Instead, Simpson admitted that one of his sports “highlights” came when his prison team, of mainly older inmates, won the championship softball game.

“I gotta tell you, it was one of the highlights of my life,” said OJ, who coached the team but did not play. “In the 7th inning of the 7th game, we won the game and you would see this group of, let’s face it, murderers, rapists, robbers, running to the mound, jumping up and down like literally twelve-year-olds,” said Simpson as he chuckled.

“The entire prison was watching this game,” Simpson continued.

“We had a real nice athletic program there,” said Simpson, referring to the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, otherwise known to him and some of the inmates as “prisoneyland,” a reference to it being the Disneyland of prisons.

“Most of the guys were sports fans,” said O.J., who claimed that most of the guys knew of him and he was “the most protected” guy there.

Simpson, who has never spoken publicly in detail about his prison stint before, said he told the Warden when he arrived that he “would be the best inmate they ever had,” and kept that promise. Simpson said he never received one writeup in nine years behind bars.

Lovelock, which Simpson claims was primarily full of white sex offenders, gave himself and his fellow inmates enormous freedom to be outside and compete in sports leagues. The prison even had its own version of the Olympic games, said Simpson, as he surmised that “prisoneyland,” was the posher of the prisons because it served mainly white inmates.

Most of his inmates shared Simpson’s sentiment that he shouldn’t have been locked up, he claims. At one point, Simpson described having to take a “victim impact” course, which required him to write to his robbery victim and practice speaking to the victim.

“It was a hard course for me, because I thought I was the victim,” said O.J. laughing.

The football veteran was initially placed in protective custody because of his celebrity status but claims he advocated to be in the main yard with the other prisoners, where he claims he quickly rose to become the prison peacemaker, brokering deals with shot-callers of rival gangs to prevent prison riots. While he described being well-liked and protected by fellow inmates, he also said he felt disgusted being in such close proximity to many child rapists.

His mornings consisted of eating cereal and heading to the gym early, where he was responsible for cleaning the gym equipment.

Simpson claims that so many women would write to him constantly, that he had to offload a lot of the fan mail to some of his fellow, lonely inmates who would write back and “unfortunately” try to hustle some of the women. While he didn’t meet any of the women during his prison time, he claims that he did meet one woman who wrote to him when he was released and luckily she was not trying to catfish him.

Nowadays in Vegas, Simpson says he is usually in bed by midnight, but frequently visits restaurants, cigar bars and other nightlife venues. He spends his days playing golf, seeing his kids and grandkids and living off of his football pension. Estimates from NFL insiders approximate his monthly pension at anywhere between ten thousand and twenty-five thousand dollars or more per month. The pension is not attachable by his creditors, like the Goldman family who obtained a civil judgment for millions against Simpson after he was found civilly liable for Ron and Nicole’s deaths. The family’s debt collector claims the total now owed is around $70 million dollars.

Simpson claims he has now reached a point in his life where the only thing that matters to him is his family. The seventy-five-year-old, who was released from prison at the age of seventy, claims he is just happy if his kids are happy and just wants to stay alive to see his grandchildren grow up.

The interview ended on an awkward note after the Nelk Boys continued to press O.J. on questions about “the killer.” Forgeard later joked that he was scared as he didn’t know if O.J. was armed and Steiny claimed: “I would’ve taken a stabbing or a shot to get that question out for the company.”

Watch the full interview below: