OJ Simpson Owes Goldman Family Over $70M, Here is How They Are Trying to Get the Money

I once interviewed the debt collector hired by the Goldman family to go after OJ Simpson for the $50M debt he owed from a civil judgment where he was found liable for Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson’s deaths. Even though he was acquitted in a criminal court, the civil court held the opposite result and compensated the families in a wrongful death lawsuit. Well since OJ has a primary residence in Florida, he had avoided debt collection. Florida is a homestead state and protects people from having assets attached by creditors. Now the debt has ballooned to over $70 Million as OJ has avoided the family through various legal loopholes. Attorney David Cook, who represented the family of Ronald Goldman, promised to go after the football player for the full amount and you won’t believe what he has obtained and the creative ways he has sold OJs memorabilia. He showed us pictures!

I also spoke to CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney about how the Goldman family profited off of OJ’s notorious “If I did it Book” and how they decided to handle the assets recovered from the infamous Las Vegas robbery case. We did this interview when OJ was released from prison on parole. Watch & Listen below.

O.J. Simpson Ordered to Meet With Fred Goldman & Discuss Assets