Details Emerge on Alvin Kamara Brawl Over “Ugly” Insult, Surveillance Video Backs Up Victim’s Account, According to Police

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New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara was arrested Sunday afternoon after his Pro Bowl appearance for an incident that we now know started early Saturday morning at Drai’s nightclub at the Cromwell Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. On Friday night, Ludacris performed to a massive crowd at the popular nightclub, known as a hot spot for NFL Players and a place where fights frequently break out. Police report that the incident took place near the elevators and the victim has a fracture in his right eye and other minor injuries. Key to the report is the fact that police say the surveillance video from the casino matches the victim’s story. The victim was interviewed in the hospital later that evening around 5:50pm on Saturday, according to police.

According to Kamara, he was waiting for the elevator with his girlfriend, his assistant and some friends, when the victim allegedly called one of his friends “ugly.” Kamara said he saw the victim get punched and then he threw some punches because he thought the victim was running away and had done something to his group. Police say that the video disputes Kamara’s account and that the victim was not running away. Instead, the video allegedly showed Kamara putting his hand on the victim’s chest, the victim allegedly pushed it off and then Kamara pushed him. The victim was then punched by Kamara’s associate and then Kamara “immediately attacked” the victim, throwing several more punches, around eight, according to police. Others in the group allegedly joined the attack, stomping the victim’s face and body. Kamara allegedly punched the victim several times while he was on the ground as well.

Based on the surveillance video, witness statements and “Kamara’s admissions” and the victim’s injuries, police say they arrested Kamara for battery resulting in substantial bodily harm.

Police interviewed Kamara right after the Pro Bowl the following day, inside the stadium and arrested him just before 3pm Sunday afternoon.

The surveillance video is damaging to Kamara’s case, especially since it allegedly conflicts with the account he gave to the police and captures him allegedly punching the alleged victim. The victim was allegedly knocked unconscious by the alleged attack but is also listed as having some minor injuries. The severity of the alleged injury to the victim’s eye is not clear.

The fact that Kamara was charged with battery resulting in substantial bodily harm, elevates the accusation to a potential felony which is a serious charged in Las Vegas, Nevada. The severity of the injuries will be key to sustaining the charge. Kamara’s attorneys will try to plead this felony charge down, if in fact, prosecutors move forward with it. However, the video surveillance will be ascertainable by the NFL and if Kamara and his crew threw the first punches, in response to a verbal insult, then Kamara could face a steep suspension.

I write about how self-defense would be Kamara’s main defense in the case HERE. It only applies to defending oneself against force or fear of force, but from what police are describing, it may not apply to this situation, especially if Kamara placed his hands on the victim first and then punched him while he was down. I describe the suspension Kamara could face as well as possible jail time if he is charged and convicted, HERE.