Exclusive: Day 9: Police Say Antonio Brown Is Still In His House & They Can’t Legally Go In. Here’s Why…

More than a week after Tampa police obtained an arrest warrant from a court to take former Buccaneer Antonio Brown into custody, he continues to evade them. Police say Brown is still holed up in his house, nine days after they arrived outside.

Police told League of Justice, Brown is inside with at least one person who may be a “personal assistant,” but others speculate it could be a love interest. Brown recently posted a snapchat of himself and a female who bore an uncanny resemblance to Tom Brady’s ex, Gisele Bundchen. Police say Brown’s lady friend is free to come and go as she pleases as are any other visitors he may want to have. Brown is in his home and on his property and police basically have their hands tied instead of the other way around.

Police say they don’t know how Brown “stocks his house” but they have not seen any DoorDash or other food deliveries as they maintain a steady presence outside his house, waiting to arrest him.

The arrest warrant police possess is not a search warrant so they say they have no authority to enter Brown’s private property. Unless the police feel he is a danger to himself or others, police won’t try to enter.

Police admit they have no choice but to sit outside and wait for Brown to emerge, saying there is really nothing they can do about the drain on their resources. A police source also said there will likely be no resisting arrest charge due to Brown not surrendering because officers have not physically attempted to arrest him yet. If Brown actively and physically resists an attempt to be cuffed, only then will police consider a resisting arrest charge.

Right now Brown only faces a misdemeanor battery domestic violence charge after he allegedly threw a shoe at his ex’s ponytail, according to police.

The ex told police Brown has at least two firearms in the house, but it is unclear if they are lawful firearms. The ex also said Brown allegedly threatened to shoot her if she tried to reenter his house after kicking her out on November 28th. However, in Florida verbal threats do not result in charges. Only electronic or written threats are legally actionable.

Police arrived to Brown’s house to arrest him on December 1st, the day the warrant was issued. Despite using a megaphone to try to get him to come out, they say Brown refused to communicate or open his door. Police say he is communicating with third parties so they don’t have concerns over his safety. They are just waiting for him to come out.

As Brown remains wanted he recently broke his silence on social media by posting a clip from the World Cup game between the Netherlands and the U.S.

The clip shows Dutch footballer Memphis Depay celebrating after the Netherlands scored its first goal against the United States and saying “Put that shit on,” a nod to Brown’s music single. It is unclear if Brown was watching the game and posted the clip himself or if he was just sharing someone else’s clip. On his Instagram stories, Brown also shared other people’s clips from the World Cup game who had also overlaid his music single onto the videos. Brown released his first album in 2022 and the song quickly garnered attention on social media as Brown’s fans began creating videos with dance moves to his beat, which he commonly shared.

Brown has not played in the NFL since January 2nd, after he took his shirt off and stormed off the field, abandoning his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates during a game against the New York Jets. His bizarre exit was spurred on by an argument with the head coach, Bruce Arians in the third quarter. Brown later accused the team of injecting him with painkillers, pressuring him to play injured and trying to paint him as someone who needed mental health treatment.

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