Report: Dan Snyder Probe Led By D.C Attorney General Is Almost Complete

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A reported investigation being led by D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine is almost complete according to a report by The Washington Post.

The team is being investigated by the NFL and Congress and now The Post report says that the Attorney General has allegedly been looking into allegations of sexual harassment. The investigation has reportedly been ongoing for several months, sources tell The Post. Officials reportedly told the publication that the Attorney General’s office intends to charge ahead once the investigation has officially concluded.

One source told the paper that the Commanders, Snyder, and the National Football League will “soon face accountability for their actions,” and that dodging subpoenas & avoiding testifying will no longer be an option for Snyder, according to the article. In addition, the report on Monday also includes a written statement from Lisa Banks, the legal representative for more than 40 former Washington Commanders staff employees.

“Many of my clients participated in this investigation, which appeared to be wide-ranging and thorough,” Banks said. “We eagerly await next steps from the D.C. Attorney General—hopefully he will succeed where the NFL has failed in ensuring accountability for two decades of sexual misconduct.”

Snyder’s team reps fired back, telling Sports Illustrated that:

“The team’s lawyers have met with counsel at the Attorney General’s office on multiple occasions, and no one from that office has ever indicated that the office is planning to take any action against the team or Dan Snyder. The Commanders organization has cooperated fully with the investigation, including by producing over a hundred thousand documents, because it has nothing to hide. The anonymous leaks are unconscionable, and D.C. Attorney General Racine should confirm that the leaks didn’t come from any member of his office or anyone affiliated with his office.”

The federal investigation by the AG’s office allegedly began back in late 2021, according to The Post. The league’s own investigation was still ongoing during that time, and it led to the Commanders being disciplined. The NFL imposed a $10 million fine and Snyder was forced to step away from daily football operations.

Snyder recently testified for hours before a Congressional Committee that launched an investigation into toxic workplace at The Commanders. Several former employees of the team also spoke at hearings on Capitol Hill. The Congressional Committee gained access to hundreds of thousands of documents pertaining to the organization and spoke to dozens of witnesses. It is believed that the Committee handed some of its findings over to the Attorney General to see if there was enough to build a case against Snyder.

Snyder has been in the news recently, after ESPN wrote a bombshell report alleging that Snyder told a close associate of his that he has pulled together enough “dirt” on multiple NFL owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell. Snyder allegedly told his associate that “they can’t f— with” him at all, according to sources in the ESPN article. Additionally, the article accused Snyder of allegedly calling the National Football League a mafia and saying, “All of the owners hate each other,” according to the report, which relies on unnamed “sources.”

Snyder wrote a letter to his fellow owners, denying the allegations in the article and his lawyer has also gone on a media blitz, appearing on radio shows to defend his client against the allegations. To read Snyder’s letter to the owners, click HERE.

Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts has come out and stated that there may be merit to having owners vote to remove Snyder, but he first wants to see the results of the NFL’s investigation into allegations of sexual assault and financial improprieties by Snyder.

Snyder originally bought the franchise back in 1999 for $800 million. At the time, the organization was known as the Washington Redskins. The deal was said to have been the most expensive transaction in sports history during that time. Since then, the franchise has seen an increase in team revenue by more than $100 million.

More details on ESPN’s reported allegations against Snyder, saying he compiled “dirt” on owners, HERE.