Dan Snyder Allegedly Claims To Have Dirt On NFL Owners, According To New Report

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The legal battle involving Washington Commanders Owner Dan Snyder may have just taken a serious turn. Per reports from ESPN, Snyder allegedly told a close associate of his that he has pulled together enough “dirt” on multiple NFL owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell. Snyder allegedly added that he possessed info on the league office as well. Snyder allegedly told his associate that “they can’t f— with” him at all.

NFL executives and confidants have reportedly come forward to confirm these rumors, according to ESPN. Snyder appears to be adamant on not relinquishing ownership of the Commanders franchise without a fight, following his attorney sending an impassioned letter to a Congressional Committee examining allegations by former employees against the NFL owner. Snyder allegedly accused the National Football League of being a mafia and said, “All of the owners hate each other,” according to the report, which relies on “sources.”

A veteran team owner has reportedly denied Snyder’s allegations, arguing that “all the owners hate Dan” instead. A league meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday in the state of New York. According to ESPN, several top league executives and owners have reportedly thrown their support in favor of stripping ownership from Snyder in order to start over clean for the sake of the team’s rich history as well as its fan base.

Snyder is being investigated for alleged workplace misconduct by the NFL. The owner is accused of having not only failed in protecting his female staff employees, but also attempting to cover up a 2009 settlement with Tiffani Johnston, a former Washington cheerleader who has accused Snyder of sexual assault. Johnston has accused the 57-year-old of not only putting a hand on her leg, but also attempting to force her into his limousine.

Snyder originally bought the franchise back in 1999 for $800 million. At the time, the organization was known as the Washington Redskins. The deal was said to have been the most expensive transaction in sports history during that time. Since then, the franchise has seen an increase in team revenue by more than $100 million.

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Snyder’s attorney Tom Davis wrote a nine-page letter to a Congressional committee regarding its investigation into his client. Davis is the former four-year leader of the congressional committee. Davis has denied all allegations made against his client, arguing that the Committee has yet to request an interview with any of the current Commanders staff. Davis also says that the committee isn’t being “fair, thorough, or bipartisan” to Snyder in any way.

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