Dalvin Cook Goes on Offensive Against Ex in Wake of Domestic Violence Allegation, Sues Her For Defamation, Fraud and Calls Bloody Pictures “Staged.”

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Dalvin Cook has filed a lawsuit against an ex-girlfriend who accused him of assault and domestic violence. The Minnesota Vikings running back is claiming he is the victim and that the ex-girlfriend defamed him and committed fraud.

The woman, Gracelyn Trimble, a sergeant first class in the army, sued Cook last month, claiming that Cook had held her hostage and assaulted her when she went to break up with him.

Trimble allegedly entered Cook’s home with a garage opener, which Cook is now saying was stolen. While Trimble claims Cook shoved her head into a coffee table, Cook claims Trimble punched him and sprayed him with chemicals, believed to be mace.

We reported on the incident, where Trimble said that despite being a soldier in active combat, “she feared for her life like she had never before,” during her encounter with Cook. She accused Cook of holding her at gunpoint, which he later denied.

Trimble said in the suit that Cook, “grabbed her arm, and slung her whole body over the couch, slamming her face into the coffee table and causing her lower forehead and the bridge of her nose to bust open.”

Trimble attached extremely graphic pictures as exhibits to the lawsuit showing her bruised, with cuts and covered in blood. The pictures and text messages, where she claims Cook admitted to abusing her, can be found HERE. Warning, they are disturbing. Cook is now saying that those photos were “staged” by Trimble to publicly embarrass him.

Now Cook is claiming that Trimble was the aggressor and even includes an affidavit from his own grandmother to try to support his claims. Cook also claims Trimble allegedly tried to get money from him prior to going public, in exchange for her silence.

In the new suit, Cook also accuses Trimble of invasion of privacy, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Cook’s attorney had promised they would defend the assault suit and they are now going on the offensive.

The NFL did not immediately comment but Trimble’s attorney says NFL investigators have not yet interviewed her because she is stationed in Italy. He said they plan to soon.

Cook has a five-year, $63 million contract, making him one of the league’s highest paid running backs.

The Star Tribune broke the update of Cook’s new claims. More details HERE.