Military Sergeant Accuses Dalvin Cook of Domestic Abuse, Says She “Feared for Her Life Like She Had Never Before”

Gracelyn Trimble, a military sergeant, filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, Dalvin Cook claiming that for three years he has physically abused her. She files suit for assault, battery and false imprisonment in regards to an altercation that took place a year ago at his home in Minnesota.

In her filing, she included graphic photographs of the injuries that she sustained as a result of Cook’s alleged abuse. She claims that, Cook “grabbed her arm, and slung her whole body over the couch, slamming her face into the coffee table and causing her lower forehead and the bridge of her nose to bust open” after she tried to collect her things while in the process of ending their relationship.

Trimble kept mace in the garage of Cook’s home because of the alleged repeat abuse that she says she has gone through. During the alleged altercation on November 19, 2020, she claims she attempted to defend herself by using the mace however that was insufficient due to the alleged strength and power of Cook. As a result, she says the mace went into her eyes and as she attempted to go wash it out, Cook allegedly approached her again pinned her to the ground and told her she was “going to die.”

Trimble also alleged that Cook punched and choked her then held her at gunpoint while “yelling death threats.”

Trimble’s attorneys wrote in the documents, “Despite having been a solider in active combat…..where she had missiles and bullets fired at her, Trimble feared for her life like she had never before.”

Dalvin Cook says otherwise.

According to his agent, Zac Hiller, Cook is the victim of alleged domestic abuse and extortion by Trimble. Cook accused Trimble of damaging his car, assaulting him, and says she “stopped him from seeing other woman” during their relationship.

The Minnesota Vikings notified the NFL regarding the situation and has released the following statement:

Screenshot of Instagram messages between Dalvin Cook and Gracelyn Trimble.