Vanessa Bryant Being Tormented By Online Lunatics Threatening to Release Photos of Kobe & Gianna’s Remains

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In a court filing, Vanessa Bryant describes the ongoing anguish she suffers fearing that her loved ones remains will be exploited online by someone releasing the photos from the helicopter crash scene where her husband Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna died.

“These deputies and firefighters took the worst thing that has ever happened to me — the worst thing that could happen to any mother or spouse — and made it worse,” Bryant stated in the filing. “I will never be able to shake the anguish from knowing that the officials who are supposed to keep us safe treated Kobe and Gianna with such callous disrespect. 

“For the rest of my life, one of two things will happen: either close-up photos of my husband’s and daughter’s bodies will go viral online, or I will continue to live in fear of that happening.”

Vanessa Bryant Court Filing

Bryant’s filing also said that she is being taunted by lunatics online who are threatening to release the photos, though it’s unclear if the people making the threats are just trolls or people with access to the photos.

The Bryant filing is a response to a motion to dismiss the lawsuit made by LA County. As League of Justice has reported, LA County has taken a ruthless approach to winning the lawsuit, filing motions for summary judgment and to dismiss, claiming Bryant is not really experiencing emotional distress from the knowledge that first responders took pictures of Kobe and Gianna’s remains and circulated them around, including at a bar to pick up girls.

League of Justice Founder Amy Dash wrote a scathing editorial about the Judge’s recent decision to require Bryant to hand over her private therapy records so that LA County could use them to argue that she was not distressed over the pictures but rather merely over losing her loved ones.

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