Tony Buzbee Will Reportedly Represent Alleged Victim Of Battery Case Involving Alvin Kamara

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A 2022 suspension for Saints running back Alvin Kamara no longer seems “unlikely”. Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk reports that Houston attorney Tony Buzbee will be representing Darnell Greene, the alleged victim involved in the altercation involving Kamara, Kansas Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons, and others. The Buzbee Law Firm said in their statement that Greene retained them “to assist in the investigation and to pursue legal claims.” A civil lawsuit is reportedly being prepared.

Tony Buzbee is the attorney that represented 25 women, who ultimately settled with Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. Buzbee also represented 30 women who reportedly settled with the Houston Texans football club. Buzbee stated that the attack on Greene was “unprovoked and extremely violent” and calls on the National Football League to take immediate action.

“The attack on Mr. Greene was unprovoked and extremely violent. We call on the appropriate authorities to exact swift punishment against all parties involved in the attack. We also encourage the NFL to take immediate action. As appropriate, we will make Mr. Greene available to the authorities and the NFL, to the extent they wish to speak with him.”

Kamara was arrested in Las Vegas, after playing in the Pro Bowl. He was arrested for alleged battery resulting in substantial bodily harm, a felony. The incident, which locals say happened at Drai’s nightclub at The Cromwell on the Las Vegas Strip, occurred on Saturday at 5:50pm. However, police did not arrest Kamara until Sunday, after he played in the Pro Bowl, for reasons unknown.

Police have claimed that the altercation between Kamara and the alleged victim was reportedly caught on surveillance video. The video allegedly shows Kamara putting his hands on the victim’s chest to prevent him from entering the elevator, and the victim pushing Kamara’s hands away before Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons allegedly punched the victim in the face knocking him unconscious. Police also say that Kamara allegedly punched the victim up to eight times.

All of their attorneys, including Kamara’s, were present and all had reportedly requested a 60-day status. This marked the third time this year that Kamara’s case has been postponed.

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