Tony Buzbee Accuses Assistant District Attorney Of Working With Watson’s Legal Team To Influence Outcome Of Grand Jury

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Buzbee took to Instagram to relay a message about the Deshaun Watson legal team and their supposed influence on the outcome of the grand jury decision.

“I personally contacted the Harris County DA’s office one time on behalf of the victims to make available to her my clients and any evidence I had collected. My team also did so. They wouldn’t even talk to us!”

Buzbee continued, “I had no idea that the assistant district attorney was regularly corresponding with Deshaun Watson’s lawyer by email and text; I didn’t know that the assistant district attorney actually went to Hardin’s office to discuss the cases; I didn’t know that Watson’s lawyer provided a PowerPoint that was to be used before the grand jury.”

Check Tony Buzbee’s instagram for the full message here.