Steelers’ WR Diontae Johnson Calls New Lawsuit Against Him A “Money Grab”

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson responded Tuesday to a federal lawsuit filed against him by a sports management company called FlexWorks. NFL Network’s Mike Garofolo tweeted Johnson’s statement.

Johnson was reportedly supposed to appear at a youth football camp run by FlexWorks, but the wide receiver never showed up. The company sued Johnson to recoup the money it lost over the no-show, which included a fee for Johnson. The company claims its expenses included over $36,000 in refunds for attendees, and another $36,000 in credits to enable it to set up a future camp as a way to make up for the failed experience. Johnson claims, he offered to appear at a makeup camp, but FlexWorks decided to file the lawsuit instead.

Johnson claims that his no-show was the company’s fault, saying it failed to properly facilitate his arrival. Johnson and his attorney say that FlexWork committed “countless breaches” of its contract with Johnson leading up to the event.

The lawsuit claims that Johnson’s representatives notified FlexWorks of the wide receiver’s absence just thirteen minutes before the start of the camp. The company also alleges that it was told by Johnson’s representatives that his flight from Florida had been canceled and that “Johnson rebooked on another flight shortly thereafter, but that Johnson did not want to wait for his new flight time so he left the airport.”

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