Report: Suspension For Cleveland Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson Could Be After Training Camp, Watson Could Sue NFL IF Suspended

Syndication: USA TODAY

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson’s suspension decision could extend into training camp. Yahoo Sports NFL writer Charles Robinson reported that Judge Sue L. Robinson may be taking her time to give the league and Watson another shot at settling.

From all reports, this suspension decision for Watson could lead all the way into August, which would certainly put a damper on Browns training camp, which starts July 26th.

As previously reported, The NFL has told all parties involved in the Watson suspension investigation that it proposes an indefinite suspension without pay for Watson for at least a year.

Robinson could follow the NFL’s advice and suspend Watson indefinitely, meaning he’d miss at least all of 2022. According to the Wall Street Journal, the NFL has refused to compromise on anything less than a one-year punishment for Watson during conversations with the NFLPA.

Yahoo! Sports Charles Robinson also reported that if Watson ends up being handed the full-year suspension that the NFL is currently looking to give him, his camp and the NFLPA have already made the decision to file a lawsuit against the league in federal court.

Depending on the ultimate conditions of Watson’s suspension, his contract might be extended until next season, delaying the start of his NFL-record, completely guaranteed $230 million five-year deal until 2023. In that situation, the Browns would have his rights until 2027.

The Browns traded three first-round picks as well as two others, to the Texans for Watson and signed him to a guaranteed five-year, $230 million contract. The Browns said they performed “extensive investigative, legal and reference work” before making the Watson trade.