Report: 23rd Civil Lawsuit Filed Against Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal

According to the initial petition filed on the Harris County District Clerk’s website, the plaintiff, Nia Smith, was one of the first women approached by the NFL star’s legal team after news surfaced about the first cases being filed last year.

According to the complaint, “in an effort to frighten her,” one of Watson’s lawyers told the plaintiff that “they were going to defend the lawsuits to the maximum degree possible.” She also stressed the need of Black women banding together.

The plaintiff had her initial massage sessions with Watson during the summer of 2020, according to the lawsuit in this 23rd legal case against Watson, and his “behavior got worse.” According to the lawsuit, Watson exposed himself to her during the third and final massage, caressed the woman between the legs, and “repeatedly asked” the plaintiff have sex with him.

The plaintiffs lawyers stated that there could be “more to come” regarding lawsuits.

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