More Former Washington Football Team Cheerleaders & Employees Come Forward, One Accuses Dan Snyder of Inappropriately Touching Her

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On the same day that the Washington Football Team officially changed its name to the Washington Commanders, more former team employees and cheerleading team members have come forward to make detailed allegations about not only the workplace culture but owner Dan Snyder’s direct involvement.

Speaking to HBO’s Real Sports Podcast, employees, many of whom, have never spoken before, are making new allegations against the NFL team and its owner. One woman nicknamed Denise, told the podcast that it was not just executives who openly harassed women but players did so too. The woman detailed a player walking up to her at her desk and dropping his pants, in front of not just her but another woman as well. She says the married player was naked and she felt he expected something from her but ended up laughing and walking away. Denise describes other people witnessing it and not saying anything to stop the behavior.

The employees who have decided to speak out also told Real Sports that it was futile to even report harassment because they felt Snyder was well aware of the team’s culture. Denise describes one of her friends bending over to pick something up in front of Snyder and another man in the owner’s suite and says the friend of Snyder’s groped her friend’s butt. Denise says Snyder “chuckled and took a puff of his cigar.” Denise says Snyder was also there when other men in the suite allegedly propositioned women who worked for the team and did nothing. She also claims she was told by an executive that she wasn’t a “team player” because she didn’t want to sleep with somebody to get more business for the team.

The podcast also interviews a former cheerleader named Tiffany Johnston who accuses Snyder of inappropriately touching her leg at a dinner. “All of a sudden, Dan Snyder’s hand is on my leg,” she said. Tiffany says she moved his hand back over towards him and continued with her conversation. After the dinner, Johnston says Snyder put his arm around her back and asked her to get in his limo so he could take her back to her car. “I just remember his attorney at the time walks up to him and says, ‘Dan.Dan. Very, very bad idea and I mean bad idea.'” Tiffany says she was able to slip away from Snyder while he was distracted by his attorney.

For the first time, a former freelance video editor for the Washington Football Team’s video department who previously anonymously reported seeing nude videos of cheerleaders, has decided to go public. His name is Thomas Kercheval. He describes walking into an editing room and seeing topless images of a cheerleader on one of the computer monitors.

“So the first thing that I ask is what am I looking at?” he said. Kercheval said he was told the video was outtakes from the cheerleader video shoot put together for the “owner.”

“There were many really tight, zoomed in shots on body parts, but the thing that really set these videos apart were those moments where the women were caught in various stages of undress,” he said.

“I couldn’t believe that this would be happening at an NFL team, right on their premises,” he said. “I just think it’s despicable all around.” Kercheval says he saw the outtakes by chance but did not participate in the making of the video in any way.

Snyder did not respond to the Podcast’s request for comment. Tomorrow morning Congressional representatives will hold a roundtable discussion with Tiffany and other former employees to give more details on their experiences.

League of Justice will be live-streaming the congressional roundtable with hosts Amy Dash and former Denver Broncos Safety Nick Ferguson. This will be a one of a kind interactive streaming event where you can comment and react in real time and even join the discussion live with Nick and Amy. Seats are limited so reserve seats to this event, HERE!

It begins streaming at 9:45am eastern time and the congressional roundtable begins at 10am eastern.