Six Members of Congress Demand NFL Release The Report Of the Commanders Investigation

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Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform will hold hearings on the accusations of a hostile workplace in the Washington Commanders organization on Wednesday, June 22.

Six members of Congress have asked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to share the report compiled by attorney Beth Wilkinson ahead of the hearings.

Wilkinson, the attorney investigating the alleged Commanders toxic workplace, has an impressive resume.

Over the course of her nearly 30-year career, Wilkinson has been involved in numerous major cases, including prosecuting Timothy McVeigh, the man responsible for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombings. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh also engaged Wilkinson to represent him after he was accused of sexual assault in 2018.

Although Roger Goodell will testify for the committee, Commanders owner Dan Snyder declined to speak.

Snyder’s counsel responded to the committee’s request with a four-page letter on Wednesday. The response happened after the committee’s deadline for Snyder and Goodell to answer was extended by more than a week.

According to the Washington Post, the NFL informed the committee of Goodell’s acceptance on Wednesday afternoon, and Goodell will testify remotely.

The hearing will take place on Capitol Hill on June 22 at 10 a.m.