Las Vegas Police Are Conducting An Investigation Into Allegations Of A Fan Striking Cardinals’ Kyler Murray

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Las Vegas Raiders
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN, the Las Vegas Police Department announced on Monday that it is conducting an investigation into the alleged incident of a fan striking Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray. Murray and the Cardinals came away with an upset win over the Las Vegas Raiders in overtime after being down 20-0. Sports Anchor Cameron Cox posted a video of the alleged incident on social media.

After securing the game-winning fumble return for a touchdown, Murray can be seen running to a row of fans with Cardinals jerseys and giving people high-fives. A spectator, wearing a gray shirt, can be seen reaching up and over and connecting an open hand smack to Murray’s face.

The quarterback was not injured, but did react a second later by going back into the crowd to attempt to identify and confront the suspect. Cardinals players came over moments later to pull Murray away from the situation.

A spokesperson from the LVPD, named officer Larry Hadfield, confirmed to media that a complaint of battery was made at approximately 6:30 pm at Allegiant Stadium. Murray was not named as the person who reported the complaint, but the complaint said that “a spectator at the stadium struck a professional football player.” Investigations are still ongoing and a suspect has yet to be officially identified.

Cardinals Spokesman Mark Dalton offered no comment on the situation and official reports were not made available.

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