Judge Orders Deshaun Watson Deposed Despite Ongoing Criminal Investigation

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At a hearing to postpone Deshaun Watson’s deposition, Rusty Hardin stated that the Harris County District Attorney’s Office expects to make a decision on possible criminal charges by April 1st.

Here is the result:

The Judge will allow the women who have been deposed by Watson’s legal team and not filed criminal complaints against him to depose him as soon as his lawyer is available which will be around the first week of March.

The women who have filed criminal complaints against him and have been deposed can depose him after April 1st.

The women who have not been deposed should be deposed and their legal team can depose Watson after theirs is done.

Watsons attorney lost in his attempts to delay Watson’s deposition until after the criminal investigation results are out.

Hardin indicated he will likely advise Watson to plead the fifth during any depositions that take place before his criminal investigation is concluded and he knows whether there will be charges or not.

Credit to Mike Meltser on Twitter for updates from today’s hearing.