Jon Gruden’s Agent Speaks Out! Says Jon’s “Not A Racist,” Was Target of NFL “Hit Job” & “He Will Coach Again!”

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An Agent for former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said Saturday that the NFL’s alleged leak of his disgraced client’s emails was a “hit job.”

Agent Bob LaMonte said Gruden was in a “state of shock” after the racist, misogynistic and anti-gay emails were released, according to Ira Kaufman of JoeBucsFan. Gruden resigned last October after The New York Times published the emails.

Among the people disparaged in the emails are NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and Michael Sam, the league’s first openly gay player.

“You can say what you want, but if anyone really understands Jon, they know he’s not a racist. That’s quite obvious. No one would ever say that,” LaMonte said.

Gruden sued the NFL and Roger Goodell back in November, claiming the emails were purposefully leaked in an attempt to “destroy his career” and damage his reputation as well as distract from the investigation into Daniel Snyder and the Washington Commanders. Gruden said he was chosen as the fall guy.

The NFL quickly moved to dismiss the case but it lost the motion.

The emails were discovered as part of the NFL’s investigation into the Washington Commanders’ workplace culture. However, only Gruden’s emails were leaked and none regarding Daniel Snyder’s possible involvement in the toxic workplace culture of the team have surfaced.

“…everyone knows it was wrong,” Gruden’s Agent said. “You have 650,000 e-mails and his six were picked out … and he wasn’t even in the league. He prevailed in court and he will prevail again.”

Gruden had sent the emails to Bruce Allen between 2011 and 2018, when he was working on ESPN’s Monday Night Football team. Before working on TV, Gruden was the coach of the Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When the emails were leaked, Gruden was coaching the Raiders.

“It took a very bad toll on him. Jon will tell you he’s a boring guy. The guy watches films all day, that’s what he does. He’s basically a football junkie and you took it away from him. His family was destroyed, his wife’s answering questions, his son works for the team. I can tell you right now that was a hit job.”

Lamonte said Gruden does not need the money from the lawsuit, he just wants his life back. Lamonte said he believes Gruden will be back on the field when all is said and done.

“I really believe in my heart and soul he will coach again,” LaMonte continued to Kaufman. “I’d be very surprised if he didn’t. My question is what did Jon really do? Most people wouldn’t want their private emails from 10 days ago looked at.”

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