Golf Champ Gary Player Suing Son, Grandson, Says They Sold His Memorabilia: Trophies, Irons, Watches

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Gary Player is suing his son and his grandson, accusing the pair of selling off some of his most prized possessions without his permission, and raking in major cash.

Earlier this year, Player sued his son, Marc, claiming he auctioned off Gary’s 1974 Masters Tournament trophy for $523,483, South African Open trophy for $48,841, 1965 U.S. Open irons for $17,947 and his golf shoes from his 52nd Masters for $1,171, according to court docs.

The 87-year-old says he tried for some time to avoid the unfortunate lawsuits against his own family but his legacy items were sold without his permission and now he’s clamoring to recover them.

The Palm Beach Post reports that Gary is now also suing his grandson Damian, claiming he helped his dad try to find buyers for the collectibles and sold or helped sell Gary’s Rolex watches for “significant sums of money.”

Most, if not all of the items, were reportedly being held in storage in South Carolina and Gary claims he never gave anyone permission to sell them.

“Only with the greatest reluctance and after many years of trying to avoid this did Gary have to enforce his rights in this way,” Gary’s attorney Stuart Singer said.

“I would like to draw the public’s attention to the fact that several trophies and other pieces of memorabilia that form part of my legacy have been put up for sale by my son and ex-manager, Marc,” Gary Player said in August. “These items belong to me and I have taken action to recover them. I have placed no items for sale — whether by auction or otherwise.”

Gary’s son Marc was his business manager but Gary cut off the business relationship back in 2019, according to Singer.

Wayne Player, Gary’s other son, has been banned from Augusta, as a result of a promotional stunt at The Masters in 2021.

Gary Player won 24 PGA Tour titles, including nine major championships, during his storied career.