Former NFL Star Wes Welker Rips NFL Over Disability Benefits Issue

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Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

Former 11-year NFL wide receiver Wes Welker slammed the NFL on Twitter on Saturday after receiving a notice from the league that his disability application has been tabled. The League requested that Welker file additional medical records to prove that his surgeries resulted exclusively from football-related injuries.

The NFL disability plan was designed to protect players by providing financial compensation to cover injuries sustained while playing football once their careers are over. Players are eligible to receive disability payments up to $138,000 a year from the league if they are deemed unable to work due to injuries that occurred while playing in the NFL. Current and retired players have been critical of this plan and believe there needs to be change in order to properly benefit retired players.

Welker was not very happy about the response he got from the NFL.

“I don’t have the time or patience for this. Been an employee of the NFL for 18 years and still going. This is bush league stuff!”Welker said.

Welker played 11 seasons as a wide receiver in the NFL. He was a 5-time pro-bowler and 2-time first-team all-pro. Welker is now the wide receivers coach for the Miami Dolphins

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