Footage From Deshaun Watson Deposition Released by Fox 8 Cleveland

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Jeff Lange/Akron Beacon Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

The footage from the deposition of Deshaun Watson has now been released, with viewers being able to see a cut up of clips from the deposition. The footage was aired on Fox 8 in Cleveland, and has Tony Buzbee asking Deshaun Watson questions.

Watson is heard stating in the video that he didn’t notify the Texans or his personal trainer that he was using social media to get private massages.

One particular clip from the full video that has been roaming social media is this exchange between Watson and Buzbee.

Buzbee: Did you find her attractive?

Watson: That wasn’t my intention, sir.

Buzbee: I didn’t ask you what your intentions were.

Watson: I can’t answer that. I have a girlfriend, so that wasn’t my intention, sir.

Buzbee: So you can’t answer that because you have a girlfriend?

Watson: Because that’s not what I was looking for.

It is unclear whether more clips will be released like this.