Report: Deshaun Watson Ruling Expected Tomorrow

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal

Former Judge Sue Robinson, who is in charge of DeShaun Watson’s arbitration, is expected to issue her ruling on the suspension of the Cleveland Quarterback sometime on Monday, August 1st. 

Sunday, the NFLPA made an unusual and unexpected move, releasing a statement saying the NFLPA & Watson will accept the decision and not appeal it, no matter the outcome. The statement was made with Watson and he is also agreeing not to appeal.

Judge Robinson’s ruling is not final. The NFL and NFLPA have the power to appeal, in the event that discipline is handed down and Roger Goodell or his designee can then change the length of any suspension, according to league officials. 

The NFLPA is also calling on the league to stand by Judge Robinson’s decision. 

Watson has been the center of a league investigation into twenty-four sexual misconduct lawsuits filed against him by massage therapists that he allegedly used during his time with the Houston Texans. Watson settled twenty of the cases and the remaining four are moving forward toward possible trials. The Texans settled with more than thirty women who allegedly accused or planned to accuse Watson of misconduct after one of the women added the NFL club as a party to her lawsuit.

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