Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Poo Poos Watson Argument That Owners Aren’t Disciplined For Misconduct

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke candidly after the NFLPA cited owner misconduct as their response to the NFL’s appeal on Deshaun Watson’s punishment. The NFLPA recently released a statement saying that they were not going to file an appeal on Judge Sue L. Robinson’s decision to suspend Watson for six-games, and urged the NFL to do the same. The league decided to file an appeal of the decision. It wants Watson to serve an indefinite suspension that would last through the entire 2022 season.

Jerry Jones gave his viewpoint, calling the argument “shooting volleys” or in other words a long shot.

“It is a standard players association comeback. That is the drill. That is the drill to go around to say you didn’t punish such and such. Anybody would know that every player case and every case that involves non-players in the NFL are dealing with dramatically different principle facts, which is all the difference in the world.”

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