Aqib Talib Reportedly Will Step Away From TNF Broadcasting Duties For Amazon

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NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport announced on Twitter that former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib has chosen to step away from his duties as broadcaster for Amazon Prime Video in order to spend some time with his family. Talib was hired by Amazon earlier in the year to become part of their Thursday Night Football crew for the 2022 NFL season. Talib was set to join other former players such as Andrew Whitworth, Richard Sherman, Tony Gonzalez, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Super Bowl Champion has been accused by at least one witness of allegedly starting a fight before the brawl which led to the fatal shooting of youth football coach Mike Hickmon, according to local Dallas television station WFAA. The 43-year old coach was reportedly shot and killed in front of his nine-year old son. An eyewitness claims that Aqib Talib was not happy about how the game was being officiated when he walked across the field to have a word with the refs, which started the altercation.

Coach Heith Mayes, a witness at the game, told WFAA,

“He ran across the field and ran over on our sideline and got in the ref’s face. He threw the first punch, and you see Mike trying to defend himself,” Mayes said.

Aqib’s brother Yaqub Talib is charged with shooting Hickmon. Video from the scene shows an argument and Coach Hickmon swinging something at a crowd of people dressed in black who were on the field. Witnesses told WFAA that Aqib Talib was allegedly among the group and his brother Yaqub is the one in the video who allegedly pulls out a gun and shoots the coach several times.

Aqib played in the National Football League for 12 seasons after being drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2008. Aqib retired in 2020 as a member of the Denver Broncos. He spent four years with the Broncos before finally winning his only Super Bowl ring in 2016. Talib finished the last two seasons of his careers with the Los Angeles Rams in 2018-19.

Aqib’s lawyer issued a statement after his brother Yaqub turned himself in to police, saying that his client was “very distraught and devastated over this terrible loss of life”.

“He would like to convey his condolences to the family of the victim and to everyone who witnessed this unfortunate tragedy,” the lawyer said.

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