Report: Aaron Rodgers Unlikely to Face Discipline For Taking Plant-Based Psychedelic

Syndication: USA TODAY


Peter King of NBC Sports reports that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will not face any repercussions for taking the drug Ayahuasca. Rodgers admitted to taking the psychoactive tea during the 2020 season, which is reportedly banned in both the United States and the NFL. The league office declined to comment when reached out to by King.

Rodgers spoke to King about the experience he had while drinking the drug and claimed that it helped him to find “self-love” and made him a better person and teammate.

“Man, it’s hard to answer that question with a short answer. But a lot of different ways. The most important way was really that self-love part,” Rodgers said. “I think it’s unlocked a lot of my heart. Being able to fully give my heart to my teammates, my loved ones, relationships because I can fully embrace unconditionally myself.

He continued: “Just didn’t do that for a long time. I was very self-critical. When you have so much judgment on yourself it’s easy to transfer that judgment to other people. When you figure out a better way to love yourself, I think you can love people better because you’re not casting the same judgment you cast on yourself on other people. I’m really thankful for that.”

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