Video: Police Release Bodycam Video Of Former Goalie Hope Solo’s DWI Arrest

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Police have released bodycam footage of Hope Solo’s DWI arrest. The footage of the arrest dates back to earlier in the year, March 2022. Police claim Solo was found passed out behind the wheel with the engine running in a Walmart parking lot with her two children in the car. Additionally, police stated that Solo was heavily intoxicated when arriving on the scene. Solo claimed it was due to the fact that she was exhausted.

The 41-year-old allegedly became combative when policed asked her to step out of the vehicle so they could give her a breathalyzer test, according to police. In addition to being charged with resisting arrest, Solo faced two additional charges including misdemeanor child abuse. She later expressed remorse for putting herself and her children in that situation after entering a guilty plea to the DWI charge.

The former goalie’s punishment included a 24-month suspension and $3,100 worth of fines. Solo said she looks back on the situation as a lesson learned, and shared her experience in hopes of others not making the same mistakes she made.

“I continue to be a student of the greatest school called life and I will continue to learn and grow from these experiences. I will continue to gain empathy, knowledge, and stories to share. I consider this a gift to pass it on to others because pain shared is pain lessened.”