Vanessa Bryant Reportedly Walked Out Of Courtroom In Tears During Trial Over Kobe Crash Site Photos

NBA: Celebration of life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

During the testimony of bartender Victor Gutierrez, Vanessa Bryant had reportedly broke down into tears before walking out of the federal courtroom. Bryant is suing Los Angeles County for invasion of privacy after first responders allegedly shared photos of her late husband’s corpse with nearly 30 people. Gutierrez alleges that deputy Joey Cruz had shown him the images at Baja California Bar & Grill.

One of the attorneys argued that surveillance video of their interaction showed the two laughing at the gruesome images, including Kobe Bryant’s mangled body. But Gutierrez denied they were laughing and said that would have been “psycho.” When one of the attorneys mentioned a “girl”, Bryant began crying and was excused from the courtroom. The emotional trial is in federal court before jurors

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