UFC Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Producers Of Bisping Documentary

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Score G Productions has been named as one of multiple other businesses to be sued by the UFC for alleged copyright infringement. The UFC filed the lawsuit last Thursday in a federal court in Los Angeles. The complaint was drafted in Santa Monica by attorneys Michael Kump & Nicholas Soltman and it centers around Bisping, the film that was released back in March detailing the life of 43-year-old Michael Bisping. Bisping was reportedly the executive producer as well.

The filed lawsuit alleges Score G Productions never contacted the UFC to discuss licensing after being told to do so by a UFC employee. UFC only learned of the Bisping film “because Bisping himself…reached out to a producer contact at UFC.” UFC says it’s “astounding”, regarding the extent of intellectual property borrowing in Bisping. Approximately a fifth of the documentary reportedly relies on UFC copyrighted content, including moments of UFC 194 when Conor McGregor quickly defeated Jose Aldo in only 13 seconds and UFC 100 when Bisping was knocked out by Dan Henderson.

The 2019 Hall of Famer accomplished a lot during his fighting career. Between the years 2004 and 2017, Bisping became the Light Heavyweight tournament winner of a former Cage Rage Light Heavyweight Champion. Bisping also became a UFC Middleweight Champion and The Ultimate Fighter 3. As a British fighter, Bisping became the first to not only successfully compete in a UFC main event at UFC 78, but also the first to become a UFC Champion at UFC 199. Bisping still remains the sole British winner of a UFC championship.

The UFC is seeking damages that reflect lost licensing fees and diminished value in copyrighted works, and it insists that its registered audiovisual works were infringed upon blatantly. The UFC is also demanding injunctive relief, which would prevent Score G Productions from using said works and “circumventing technological prevention measures.”

Attorneys for Score G Productions will reportedly answer the complaint in a few weeks, and attempt to rebut the allegations. UFC’s complaint acknowledges a likely defense: fair use, wherein certain types of copying are deemed lawful. 

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