Radio Host Doug Gottlieb Retracts Freddie Freeman Comments & Settles Lawsuit With Agent Casey Close

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FOX Sports Radio Host Doug Gottlieb has issued a statement saying that his comments concerning first baseman Freddie Freeman’s negotiations with the Braves were not accurate. In his original comment, Gottlieb had accused Agent Casey Close of not informing his former client Freddie Freeman of a final contract offer made by the Atlanta Braves. Gottlieb issued a statement on Wednesday, apologizing to Close and saying that he appreciates the “damage that misinformation like this can cause.”

Close issued a statement in response to Gottlieb’s apology, stating that he and Excel consider the matter closed. Close and Excel have reportedly filed a notice of voluntary dismissal with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan after initially suing Gottlieb for defamation.

“From the onset, we were clear that Mr. Gottlieb’s tweet was wholly inaccurate and that we would seek legal remedies to set the record straight,” Close said. “He has retracted his statement in its entirety and acknowledged that he got the story wrong. We consider this matter closed.”

Back in July, Close filed the lawsuit against Gottlieb accusing him of “falsely and recklessly” defaming Close and Excel Sports Management in a tweet that alleged they had not presented a contract offer to the star first baseman during free agency. Freeman reportedly rejected a $110 million offer, a $125 million offer, and a $135 million offer that were all made by the Braves.

Gottlieb’s tweet on June 29th claimed that Close never told Freeman of the final offer made to the player by the Atlanta Braves. Close’s suit claims that not only was it a false allegation, but it prompted death threats toward Close and tens of millions of dollars in damages to Close and Excel.

The matter now appears to be settled and over.

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