Police Say Former WWE Superstar Velveteen Dream Bit & Punched A Senior Gym Employee Prior To Aug. 20 Arrest

Syndication: Visalia
Joshua Yeager

According to police documents obtained by TMZ Sports, former WWE superstar Velveteen Dream allegedly bit and punched a senior gym employee prior to being arrested back in late August. The incident allegedly took place on August 20th at approximately 8:40 PM at a fitness facility called “Club Orlando” in Orlando, Florida.

Dream, whose real name is Patrick Clark, was arrested on that day by the Orlando Police Department and charged with misdemeanor battery and trespassing after warning. Dream’s attorney filed a plea of not guilty to the charges.

Police say that a senior gym employee told them an altercation took place between he and Dream after informing the former superstar that he had to leave due to the area being closed for cleaning. Dream allegedly became “irate and argumentative” which led to the employee reportedly telling him that he had to leave the entire building. Documents also state that Dream allegedly threatened to kill the employee before punching him in the face.

A fight ensued between the two, according to the police, and Dream reportedly bit the employee. Another member of the facility reportedly came and separated the two men. Dream’s arrest came after police say they observed teeth marks on the employee’s “left chest near the left armpit.”

The 27-year-old initially joined the WWE back in 2015, then went on to become one of NXT’s brightest, upcoming superstars after consistently displaying great athleticism and mic-skills when it came to delivering promos. However, his time with the company came to an end in 2021 after spending his 2020 year swamped with drama. Dream was accused of allegedly sending indecent photos to underaged children. Dream has vehemently denied the allegations.

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