Jay Bilas Speaks Up About The Benefits Of NIL For Student-Athletes, Says Decision Is No Longer “All or Nothing”

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch

ESPN’s Jay Bilas has seen the many benefits NIL has given to the world of college basketball, believes the situation it presents student-athletes to be a win-win situation for all parties involved. “Before NIL, the choice to remain in college or join the true “pay for play” professional ranks was a black and white, all or nothing decision. An athlete could choose to stay in school and earn no money, or leave school to earn money. With NIL, players now have the option to continue their education and earn money, and many have chosen to do so.”

Some examples of this include Armando Bacot of North Carolina, Traycee Jackson-Davis of Indiana, and Drew Timme of Gonzaga. NIL had officially reached its 1-year anniversary on July 1st.

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