Iranian Soccer Team Could Face Potential Discipline For Protest During Anthem At World Cup

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Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

According to political author Kenneth Timmerman, Iran’s national soccer team could face repercussions, or worse, upon their return from the 2022 World Cup. Timmerman says the team could face extreme punishment after standing together in protest during the singing of the country’s national anthem. Iran is coming off a subsequent 1-0 loss to the USA, and several experts reportedly fear for the team’s well-being.

Officials say that the punishments range anywhere from being arrested, to being subjected to hellish beatings. “I would be afraid of arrest,” Timmerman said. “Even if they had won, they would have been arrested, soundly beaten, and warned, ‘Don’t ever do this again.’”

Mike Baker, a former member of the CIA, shared his thoughts on the situation citing that the punishments will likely be severe given Iran’s recent history.

“Given what we’ve seen from the Iranian regime … they’ve shown themselves to be brutal, and there’s no reason to believe they’re going to suddenly become rational.”

The Iranian soccer team finished the World Cup with a 1-2 record, with their sole victory coming against Wales before suffering back-to-back losses to both England and the U.S.

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