Four MLB Players Testify In Day Six Of Eric Kay Trial

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The MLB lockout may not be the biggest story in baseball right now.

The Eric Kay trial is currently underway, as we’ve reached it’s sixth day in session, and there has been several testimonies from players and former Angels personnel on alleged drug distribution by Kay.

Matt Harvey, C.J. Cron, Michael Morin, and Cam Bedrosian, the four players called to the stand on Tuesday, said that former Angels communications director Eric Kay delivered drugs to them.

Kay, on trial for allegedly distributing drugs, is also part of a larger investigation on a big problem in major league baseball, the ease of access players have to drugs that could be fatal, such as painkillers.

Former Angels pitcher Matt Harvey appeared on the stand to testify just before 11AM on Tuesday, according to TJ Quinn of ESPN.

According to ESPN’s T.J. Quinn, the defense attorney said in yesterday’s session that Matt Harvey got text from Tyler Skaggs in 2019 asking for drugs so he could pitch loosey goosey.

The former Angels pitcher said he tried oxycodone in 2019 and received it from Tyler Skaggs. Harvey admitted that he didn’t like how the drug made him feel.

When asked by the prosecutor if it was common for players to use oxycodone and tylenol,
Harvey answered “Yes.”

Quinn tweeted that “While Eric Kay was in rehab in 2019, Harvey says Skaggs had another oxycontin source, but didn’t get many from that person.”

He also tweeted that Harvey claimed he found out at the last minute that he wouldn’t be flying to Texas with the Angels on June 30, 2019. He was bummed out about missing the trip and hid from the other players.

Harvey claims he talked to Kay about acquiring a blue oxy and Harvey said he placed that pill in his locker. Harvey then took a bath and when he was done, he said he decided against taking the pill.

Cron said Kay supplied painkillers for him about eight times. Cron also said that Kay was his sole source of painkillers. 

Morin said that he had five or six transactions with Kay starting in late 2016 or early 2017, but that he received 15 to 20 tablets in a single transaction at times.

Both Morin and Cron were introduced to Kay by Skaggs.

Harvey testified that on the day Skaggs died, Harvey traveled to Texas. “I really wanted to hang out with the boys.” He mentioned that he thought Kay was ‘on edge.’  

During cross-examination, Harvey was asked, “While in New York, did you lie about your use of cocaine?” Harvey responded, “No one really asked.”

In fact, no one from the teams he was a part of ever inquired if he was still using narcotics, according to Harvey.

Bedrosian, who is currently in the Philadelphia Phillies organization, testified that he received pills from Kay, and that upon learning of Skaggs passing, he was scared knowing Kay also supplied him with drugs.

According to Quinn, Harvey claims to have used drugs in the clubhouse and the dugout.

Skaggs admitted to Harvey that he crushed and snorted oxy on the clubhouse toilet paper dispenser.

Harvey stated on Tuesday that he wished he had warned Skaggs about the dangers of using pain drugs regularly. But, Harvey said he saw himself at the time as “being a good teammate” and assisting him with pain management.

Skaggs wife, Carli Skaggs, was called to the stand Tuesday afternoon as well.

When questioned about her late husband’s injuries, Skaggs mentioned that Tyler felt under pressure since he didn’t want to disappoint his teammates.

Among other witnesses to testify was former DEA Agent Susannah Herkert. She is an expert in drug diversion and was called to the stand to establish that no one could have gotten to Skaggs at Long Beach airport, the airport the team flight left from.

According to Quinn, Herkert testified that it is not uncommon for drug distributors to simply sell to support their own drug habit.