Former Braves Pitcher Anthony Varvaro Dies At 37 Due To Car Crash

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Former Major League Baseball pitcher, Anthony Varvaro has reportedly died at 37-years-old as a result of a car crash that took place Sunday morning. Varvaro retired from the game of baseball to become a New York City police officer. Police officials say that Varvaro’s vehicle was struck, as he was on his way to a 9/11 memorial ceremony in Manhattan. Varvaro was an officer for the Port Authority of both New York and New Jersey.

Varvaro played baseball at St. John’s University before turning pro. St. John’s baseball coach Mike Hampton stated that he was “at a loss for words” when hearing about the death of his former player. Hampton was reportedly an assistant coach at St. John’s during Varvaro’s three seasons with the school.

“Not only was he everything you could want out of a ballplayer, he was everything you could want in a person. My heart goes out to his family, friends, teammates and fellow officers.”

Varvaro made a career in the major leagues as a relief pitcher for the Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox, and the Atlanta Braves from 2010 – 15. The Braves issued a statement, mourning the loss of the former pitcher.

“He was en route to serve at the World Trade Center Command in commemoration of September 11, 2001 activities when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and colleagues,” said the Braves organization in a statement.

Officials of Port Authority also issued a statement, saying that Varvaro “represented the very best of this agency, and will be remembered for his courage and commitment to service.”

Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole and Executive Director Rick Cotton added to the statement, saying that Varvaro’s death adds to their grief as they mourn the passing of over 84 employees as a result of the attack on the World Trade Center that occurred on September 11th, 2001.

“On this solemn occasion as the Port Authority mourns the loss of 84 employees in the attacks on the World Trade Center—including 37 members of the Port Authority Police Department—our grief only deepens today with the passing of Officer Varvaro.”

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