Terrell Owens Posts Video Claiming A “Karen” Called Cops On Him, Confronts Her & Films Encounter

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A visibly emotional Terrell Owens whipped out his phone and began filming as cops arrived in his neighborhood after a verbal dispute with a woman who lives nearby.

“I can’t wait. I can’t wait,”” Owens is heard saying. “Yes, we are live. We are live and we got the police and everything,” the ex-NFL wide receiver said on his Instagram video that’s been going viral across social media. Owens expressed his shock that he was involved in what he believed to be a real life encounter with a “Karen,” as he termed her.

In the lengthy video, which shows his real-time interaction with the police and the woman and her husband, as well as other neighbors, one of whom came to his defense, the ex-NFLer is up in arms that the police were called on him as he drove to his home in the neighborhood.

The verbal spat allegedly began when the woman, who was on her bicycle, told Owens to slow down. He says she accused him of “speeding” when he was driving just feet to his mailbox, exclaiming to police that speeding to his mailbox is not even possible. Owens exchanged words with the woman, who screamed after him about his driving. However, when Owens stopped his car just shy of his home and got out to verbally address the woman, it seems she panicked and called the police.

Owens says the woman was exchanging profanities prior to calling the police on him. However, when the police arrived, her demeanor drastically changed. It’s unclear whether she was in fact cursing the star prior to the police arriving, however, her reactions when they arrived were caught on Owens’ recording.

As Owens called her a “Karen” and turned the phone on the woman, still straddling her bike, she became visibly upset and let a seemingly and allegedly racist remark slip.

As the woman described Owens exiting his car she cried, “You’re a black man approaching a white woman!”

The shocking remark floored many watching on Owens’ social media account, and many commentators proclaimed that it revealed underlying racism.

The woman did eventually begin crying in front of the police, and Owens said she earlier refused directions by her husband to go inside, choosing to continue to have her interactions caught on camera. Owens chalked her tears up to a dramatic display that he said was stereotypical of a “Karen” encounter, and staged for the police to invoke sympathy and villainize him.

Police seemed unphased, calming the situation and leaving with no action against either party. A witness on the scene stated that she saw the entire incident from her garage and that Owens was actually not speeding.

“This is real life, people. This is real. I have never been apart of something like this in my life,” Owens said, in the video titled “KAREN IS REAL!!!!”

Owens played sixteen seasons in the National Football League, and now reportedly plays for the Knights of Degen in the Fan Controlled Football League.

View the full Instagram video HERE.