Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer Asks Judge To Dismiss Lawsuit Filed By Accuser, Citing New Evidence

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Dodgers’ Pitcher Trevor Bauer is reportedly asking a judge to dismiss the civil lawsuit alleging sexual assault that was filed by his accuser Lindsey Hill. Bauer released a statement, saying that he had filed a motion to dismiss Hill’s counterclaim in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California Southern Division.

Bauer was reportedly responding to a fan on Wednesday. The fan had posted a video saying “Hi. Just a friendly reminder that [Bauer] is 100% innocent. #FREEBAUER”

The video accompanying Bauer’s tweet and posted by someone else, shows Bauer asleep next to the alleged victim, who was smiling. Bauer retweeted the video saying, “This was taken hours after I supposedly brutally assaulted this woman, when she claims she was terrified and desperate to get out of my house and in tremendous pain.”

Bauer recently sued Hill for defamation, claiming she lied about the alleged sexual assault and doctored photos of her alleged injuries.

According to Bauer’s lawsuit, Hill ‘fabricated allegations of sexual assault’ to create a ‘media blitz’ and ‘extract millions of dollars’ from Bauer. The filing said ‘the damage to Mr. Bauer has been extreme.’ Hill accused Bauer of choking her, punching her and sodomizing her.

The countersuit filed by Hill says, “Bauer’s disgraceful message is clear: battered women should remain silent, because neither the police nor the courts will protect them from a rich man scorned.”

It also claims Hill is entitled to damages for “economic harm, loss of earnings, and other damages.” Hill is also seeking “punitive and exemplary damages from Bauer according to proof at trial.”

Bauer admitted the two had sex on two occasions but claimed it was wholly consensual. Bauer has denied the allegations made against him by Hill and a Judge decided not to grant Hill a permanent restraining order. Local authorities declined to charge Bauer with anything, following an investigation into the matter.

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