Video: LOJ Goes Inside the DEA’s War on Fentanyl & the Pills that Killed Tyler Skaggs.

Last week League of Justice was first to explore the facts over whether the Angels organization could be held responsible for former pitcher Tyler Skaggs’ overdose death. We did a deep dive into the government’s criminal case against former Angels Communications Director Eric Kay. The former team employee is charged with obtaining and distributing the fentanyl laced oxycodone pill(s) that killed Skaggs.

The government said that Kay’s modus operandi, or pattern of criminal behavior, was to have suppliers bring the drugs to Angel Stadium on multiple occasions so that he could allegedly distribute them to multiple players on the team, during the workday. Kay allegedly offered tickets and signed balls, as well as other memorabilia to suppliers to get them to deliver drugs to the Stadium. The feds say evidence will show that Kay obtained the drugs that killed Skaggs on the day he died, at Angel Stadium, just before leaving with the team for a road trip to Texas. Skaggs later overdosed in a Texas hotel room.

The government says Kay began distributing drugs to Skaggs and MLB players at least as early as 2017.

Back in 2017, LOJ Founder Amy Dash did an in-depth report about the dangers of fentanyl and how it can cause overdose deaths when just tiny amounts are mixed with oxycodone pills and heroin. Dash got access to the DEA’s highly secure drug lab to show firsthand what counterfeit oxycodone pills look like and learn how fentanyl is smuggled into the country. You can see in the below video, the blue oxycodone pills like the ones described in the government’s case against Eric Kay. Similar pills allegedly killed Skaggs.

Back in 2017, fentanyl’s resurgence in the illegal drug trade was at an all time high. The report features one of the largest drug busts in NYC history, the seizure of 64 kilos of fentanyl, enough to kill 32 million people. That same year, 2017, is when the government alleges that Kay was dealing drugs inside the Angels organization. As DEA officials explain, a tiny bit of fentanyl, the amount of a grain of salt can kill. Check out our story & Dash’s visit to the DEA crime lab below. We at LOJ urge everyone to stay away from the deadly and dangerous drug fentanyl and any illegal drugs, since the report makes clear that fentanyl could be in anything from heroin to counterfeit pills of any kind and just like Skaggs, the recipient may never know.

Coincidentally, a writer from the show Crime Watch Daily wrote the first line of the below story script back in 2017 to say “where do Angels hide when the deadly drug named fentanyl is on the loose?” We now know at least one Angels player & employee were hiding their drug use at that time and if the government is correct, they were hiding it inside Angel Stadium.

To learn more, here are links to parts 1 & 2 of this report from 2017.

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