Two-Time Gold Medalist Abby Wambach Separates From Concussion Drug Company, Allegedly Embroiled In Brett Favre Scandal

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ESPN was informed by Soccer Hall of Famer Abby Wambach that she plans on separating from Odyssey Health, a concussion drug company that has ex-quarterback Brett Favre as its biggest investor. Odyssey Health, whose previous name is Prevacus, is allegedly involved in the Mississippi Welfare Scandal, as the state’s filed lawsuit claims that $2.1 million went towards the company rather than the intended, needy, state citizens. Wambach was a member of the company’s advisory board.

The company was reportedly first linked to the welfare scandal in February 2020, after arrests were initially made. The majority of the details surrounding the suit were initially reported by Mississippi Today and claimed that Favre and others allegedly attempted to obtain money from the state and state officials, as well as non-profit officials to help fund the concussion drug company. He is accused of promising shares of stock to public officials in exchange for them committing state funds to various causes he was connected with.

According to the email Wambach sent to ESPN, the Hall of Famer stated that she first became aware of the company’s alleged involvement in the welfare scandal earlier in the day on Thursday. Wambach also said that her involvement in Odyssey Health was to assist in mitigating the severe impacts of concussions.

“Minutes after learning this new information, I initiated the process to immediately and fully divest myself from any involvement — financial and otherwise — with Prevacus/Odyssey Health Inc., a process that I insisted be complete by end of day today.”

Wambach’s association with the company was officially erased from its website hours later. While she did ignore requests for interviews regarding her role as advisor in Odyssey Health, Wambach did profess extreme anger and disappoint in the company’s alleged involvement in the scandal.

“Since I genuinely believed this company was being transparent about a product that could spare the next generation of athletes from the severe impact of concussion injuries that I endured as a professional athlete, I am profoundly angry, disappointed, and saddened by what I learned today.”

Among those still listed as members of the company’s advisory board are NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, ex-quarterback Mark Rypien, Chicago Cubs manager David Ross, and former Detroit Lions Head Coach Steve Mariucci. In addition to being a Hall of Famer, Wambach is a two-time gold medalist and a World Cup winner.

Wambach also announced in 2016 that her brain will be used for concussion research following her death. The soccer legend had previously appeared on the “Today” show alongside Warner, Favre and company founder Dr. Jacob VanLandingham with the goal of discussing the severity of concussions as well as promoting the drug company. Favre initially joined the drug company back in 2014, and soon became the largest investor and stockholder in the company by the end of 2018.

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