Trevor Lawrence’s Development as Star Quarterback Is At Risk in Jacksonville

Syndication: Florida Times-Union
Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

As the New York Jets inched closer and closer to a winless season all the stories started to surface.

“Trevor Lawrence would be wise to stay in school should the Jets wind up with the first overall pick.”

“Can Trevor Lawrence pull an Eli Manning if the Jets draft him?”

A few weeks later all these stories faded away as the Jets won two games and the Jaguars earned the first overall pick.

Lawrence would be spared and the league celebrated not having to see this generational talent ruined by the awful Jets organization. Lucky for everyone, he’d be in good hands with Urban Meyer and the Jaguars. (I hope my sarcasm is translating.)

We all know how the Jags season has gone and seemingly every week there was a new negative story surrounding Urban Meyer. Remember when Tim Tebow was on this team?

All these negative distractions off the field have distracted everyone from the play of Trevor Lawrence on the field. We know developing a young talented Quarterback in the NFL is no easy task. We hear about how bad the Jets are doing developing their rookie QB Zach Wilson in the press every week. Or how great the Patriots are developing their rookie Mac Jones. Yet we hear little about the guy with the highest expectations entering the season, Trevor Lawrence.

Lawrence has wildly underperformed to this point, yet we hear nothing about it. Maybe the media was right. Maybe New York is not optimal for a young QB with high expectations, but how has Lawrence fared any better?

I made the argument on my podcast, that if anything Lawrence is in a worse situation in Jacksonville! In New York we would hear about his struggles in every article written by all the Jets haters in the media.

Colin Cowherd and Mike Greenberg would go on TV and yell about how the Jets as an organization have failed another great talent. But instead, we hear nothing. Lawrence has struggled and has become irrelevant. All the chaos surrounding the organization has led Lawrence into obscurity.

My opinion is that the Meyer disaster and lack of development can be career threatening for Trevor Lawrence. The news finally dropped early Thursday morning that Meyer is out as the Jags head coach.

This ends a chaotic era in the first 13 games of Lawrence’s career. Lawrence will now have to try to grow through an interim head coach followed by a search for a new head coach. Rumors are, Lawrence will have a say in who that will be.

We have seen guys come into the league and be “ruined” by a bad situation. Proper care and development in the early years is integral to a Quarterback’s long term success in this league. This situation is dysfunctional in every area, and the support on the field for Lawrence is not much better.

We don’t often see guys with the talent and expectations of this level turn into a bust, and while I am not going to declare Lawrence a bust yet, not even a full season into his career, the mishandling of this organization can send their most valuable asset down a dangerous road in a hurry.