Trevor Bauer Responds To Recent Court Decision With Video Statement

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It was reported on Tuesday that Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer will not face any criminal charges following accusations that he punched and choked a woman unconscious during sex.

A Los Angeles judge ruled back in August not to issue a permanent restraining order against Bauer, determining that the injuries the woman had as a result of her sex with Trevor Bauer were not the result of anything she told him she objected to. She also determined Bauer doesn’t pose a threat to her.

TMZ reported that the district attorneys decision to not prosecute was based in part because of text messages between the accuser and Bauer, where she indicated she was looking for rough sex.

Bauer was accused of two incidents against the accuser, one in April and the other in May of 2020.

“Today the District Attorney’s office publicly stated that they are not going to file any charges,” Bauer said in the statement released to YouTube. “I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to address this and I’ve wanted to for some time now, and now I’m finally able to speak, so here it goes.

Bauer stated that the reason fans haven’t heard from me much over the last few months is because he has been respecting the Pasadena Police Department as they conducted their investigation, as he believes that allegations as serious as these should be fully investigated and not ‘adjudicated’ in the media.

Bauer has been on leave from the Dodgers since July when the accusations came out. There is currently no word on when or if the MLB will reinstate him anytime soon.

“During the investigation, I’ve watched many draw premature conclusions based on an absurd amount of misinformation and false claims that have been circulated with absolutely no corroboration,” Bauer stated.

Bauer continued, “Allegations like this are extremely serious, and they should be thoroughly investigated, as has happened in this matter. However, it’s alarming to watch how quickly, willingly, and knowingly certain members of the media have taken one side of a story and tried to convict me in the court of public opinion without having or choosing to report anywhere close to all of the facts.”

Finally, after thanking investigators and his team for their work, Bauer shares his side of the story on what happened, for the first time publicly.

“I’m sure you’ve read a lot in the media on this matter, and I’m sure you’ve formed a lot of opinions as a result,” Bauer stated.

“As I mentioned, the majority of those reports are based on what the Los Angeles Superior Court has deemed to be a ‘materially misleading’ petition, so I’d like to set the record straight on what actually happened,”

“I had consensual sex with this woman on two occasions at my residence in Pasadena, during which we engaged in rough sex. This is something that she brought up, we discussed together, and both agreed to engage in. We established rules and boundaries and I followed them.”

Bauer continued, “On both occasions, she consented beforehand when we established those boundaries. She also repeatedly consented during sex, when I asked her multiple times if she was enjoying herself and if she wanted to continue. In fact, she continued to direct me as to what she wanted in no uncertain terms.”

The Dodgers pitcher admits that many people may not be his biggest fan or agree with everything he’s said over the years. He goes onto explain how he’s not a perfect person and if you want to judge him for engaging in rough sex with a woman that he hardly knew, that’s ok too. Bauer makes it clear that he’s made some poor choices, particularly in regards to the people that he’s chosen to associate with.

But, Bauer explains “I am not the person that this woman, her lawyers, and certain members of the media have painted me to be.”

To watch the full statement, watch the video above.